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Healthy Veg Support Group – first meeting in American Cyn
BOOK CLUB: The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle
Say it your way – with an Ultimate Guide review
Truth or Drought




Sometimes it can range from irritating to frustrating, or daunting to overwhelming, to live in a world where people have become so overweight and obese with all the negative health effects because of our culture based modern meat, processed foods and soda pop diet. Would you join us for a healthy veg support group? In-person meetings with online support? Recommendations for recipes?

This group is for new & aspiring vegans, as well as individuals, vegan or other, wanting to eat healthier.  The first meeting will be Thursday, April 9th, at 6:30 pm at the American Canyon Library at 300 Crawford Way. [ Event Details ] [ RSVP ]

We would also appreciate your help in promoting this event.  Please print a flyer and share with a friend or post it on a local bulletin board.  Two sizes:  8.5 x 11  or  4 to a page



The next selection for our book club will be Dr. Will Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet.  

Incorporating systems theory, teachings from mythology and religions, and the human sciences, The World Peace Diet presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on a comprehension of the far-reaching implications of our food choices and the worldview those choices reflect and mandate. The author offers a set of universal principles for all people of conscience, from any religious tradition, that they can follow to reconnect with what we are eating, what was required to get it on our plate, and what happens after it leaves our plates.

The World Peace Diet suggests how we as a species might move our consciousness forward so that we can be more free, more intelligent, more loving, and happier in the choices we make.

The book is just under 300 pages and 7 weeks away.   Get your copy today and start reading in time for our next meeting on April 30th in Vallejo.   

[ Event Details ] [ RSVP ]



Sign up today to become an online reviewer of your favorite places to eat veg.  It’s really simple.

  1. Register for a userid on our website, at
  2. Find the restaurant you want to review in the Ultimate Guide, at
  3. Once you’ve located your restaurant, select the “REVIEW” button and then select <SUBMIT>!

Note – if you can’t find the restaurant or vegan business that you want to review, please “ADD” them to our guide.  Thank you for supporting a veg friendly Bay Area!



Several alarming headlines recently, most noticeably that California has one year’s water left in reservoirs, and that total water storage has been diminishing since 2002. Source: LATimes

Isn’t it madness to spend more of this precious resource on animal agriculture, than people?  See the Truth or Drought headline from Jan 31st, “More of California’s Water Goes to Growing Livestock Feed Than Anything Else”

Empowering people to make a difference by going vegan is now more critical than ever — both from the perspective of eating meat as well as consuming dairy. Another fact highlighted by our friends at Truth or Drought, “A milking dairy cow drinks about 30 to 50 gallons of water each day.  During periods of heat stress water intake may double.”

BAVeg volunteers will be taking these environmental facts about our food choices to our local Earth Day in Vallejo.  Join us – either at our event, or outreach at your city’s Earth Day!  If you need help getting started, let us know.

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