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Thank you for your interest to help us maintain The Ultimate Guide as the most comprehensive and current listing of veg businesses in the Bay Area. Your additions and updates are important.

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Before continuing any further, please use the search box at top to make sure the restaurant does not already exist. We suggest searching by a keyword. For example, if the restaurant name is "Garden Fresh", then search on "Garden".

If the restaurant is already included, why not add a review for it, or take a quick look to see if any updates are needed. If updates are needed, just use the "update" button at the top of the page to let us know of any new information.

Restaurant Information

If you're adding a restaurant that is not entirely vegetarian, to help us maintain the quality of restaurants listed in our guide, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Please carefully review the menu to see whether veal or foie gras is being served. While any restaurant serving meat is supporting and profiting from cruelty and slaughter to animals, we draw the line and will not promote restaurants serving veal and foie gras.
  2. Restaurants are considered vegetarian/vegan-friendly when they have a good selection of vegetarian items (25% of menu) OR maybe for that city or part of town, they are the only choice. For example, we don't need to list every (non-veg) chinese restaurant that has a vegetable stir fry. It's a fine distinction between having restaurants that are significantly veg-friendly included, versus listing every restaurant that has a veg entree. The latter would diminish the veggie relevance of the Ultimate Guide.
  3. There is a separate classification for vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly. The difference is that some restaurants are vegetarian-friendly but not vegan-friendly if their vegetarian dishes include eggs and dairy.
  4. It is important to provide address, phone, and hours.
  5. Please also include a description of the type of vegan and vegetarian foods offered and any special information about the restaurant. This will make it easier for us to review and publish the listing. When information is missing, it doesn't make a good listing.



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