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Bay Area Vegetarians were instrumental in helping us fill the 900+ seats at Herbst Theatre for the San Francisco premiere of Peaceable Kingdom.
To me, this experience represents the best of what's possible when people work together to make a difference in their community.

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-- Jenny Stein, Co-Founder of Tribe of Heart and Director of Peaceable Kingdom.

One of the best vegetarian advocacy groups that I've encountered is Bay Area Vegetarians. They work on a number of fronts to spread vegetarianism throughout San Francisco, the East Bay, and Silicon Valley. No matter the task, the group brings an unsurpassed level of energy and professionalism to their work. I've been consistently impressed with their ability to organize large and successful events on a regular basis, and I have the greatest admiration for all their amazing accomplishments.

-- Erik Marcus, author of Meat Market and publisher of

I've been to a lot of Bay Area Vegetarian functions and they're clearly among the most active of the groups nationwide; they have a dedicated crew of wonderful volunteers who make sure that the Bay Area remains a haven of compassionate and healthful vegetarian eating. From San Antonio, Tex., to Columbus, Ohio, to (of course) Seattle, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco, vegetarian groups are coming into their own.

All that said, Bay Area Vegetarians has a special place in my heart, because they fuse activism and great eating. Oftentimes, groups do one or the other--they're activist-oriented or they're potluck and socially oriented. No group in the country does both things as effectively as the Bay Area Vegetarians.

--Bruce Friedrich, Director of Vegan Campaigns (and 18 year vegan) PETA

As a PETA conference coordinator, I meet vegetarian activists all over the country. Bay Area Veg is definitely one of the biggest and most active local groups. They've got a single-minded devotion to making the Bay Area into a Mecca of kindness for animals through vegetarian eating, and I just love working with them

-- Alex Bury, Helping Animals 101 Coordinator

If one has ever wondered whether or not grassroots activism can really work, the answer is yes. And Bay Area Vegetarians is the perfect example of an organization that knows how to get the job done.

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Rich Castro, Director of Outreach, Cinema Libre Studio

I agree, our tabling outreach at Pride was a very successful event. Thanks so much for organizing the event, setting up, breaking down, etc! You make it possible -- easy, even -- for the rest of us to be activists!

-- Thea, volunteer at our outreach/educational table at SF LGBT Pride 2005 festival

You have brought together the spirits of many people in the Bay Area to create a compassionate world and give them an avenue to express themselves.

-- Ravi, Co-Owner BayLeaf Cafe, Palo Alto

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