Vegan Restaurant Campaign #vrcns

February 17th, 2018

There are so many of us who have been working in various ways to promote veganism and vegan foods locally.   Yet, there is not a single vegan restaurant in the entire Napa and Solano county; many of us regularly drive 30 to 60 minutes plus to dine at a vegan restaurant.  Collaborating together will magnify our individual efforts, and hopefully, one day, we’ll have a vegan restaurant.

Some may ask, why do we want to dine at an all-vegan restaurant when there are nearby restaurants with vegan choices?

  1. A vegan or entirely plant-based restaurant can be a better dining experience
    1. Provides a a larger selection to choose from, versus the single vegan item available, or choosing an item and having to order it without meat/dairy
    2. There’s no risk of allergen contamination from non-vegan foods
    3. There’s no cues (visual or aromatic) of animal flesh or animal products
  2. Our dining dollars are not supporting an establishment that profits from the suffering & slaughter of sentient beings

Yet, given the lack of vegetarian restaurants in the county, or even a smaller endeavors like food trucks, it’s a big move for a vegan restaurant to open.

To lay the groundwork for a vegan restaurant to open, we need to create a business climate where vegan foods are seen as profitable.  Once we demonstrate that there IS a demand for vegan foods, then someone will eventually exploit that opportunity and open an all-vegan restaurant. (We’re already seeing that explosion with prepared foods.  Ben & Jerry’s now has 9 vegan flavors, Haagen Daz and Breyers have vegan flavors too.)

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Ultimate Guide to Napa & Solano County #vrcns

February 14th, 2018

The intent of the Ultimate Guide is to make it easier for folks new to the Bay Area or new to veganism to find businesses that support their lifestyle. We welcome your reviews and feedback on businesses and services listed within.

We are in progress of updating the Guide to include North Bay restaurants that are mixed (i.e. they offer both vegan and non-vegan selections).  We recognize that an entirely vegan restaurant is the preference for many, but until that time comes, we need to identify and support the ones that are offering vegan choices.

If you know of a  restaurant offering vegan selections, or a vegan-owned business (of any type) that should be included, you are welcome to add it.


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Spring 2018 College Outreach

February 12th, 2018

Upcoming volunteer events at local colleges to raise awareness of how animals are treated and promote veganism.

2/14/2018 – Wed – Napa Valley college (Napa)

2/20/2018 – Tue – Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill)
2/26/2018 – Mon – Napa Valley college (Napa)
2/28/2018 – Wed – Solano Community College (Fairfield)

3/07/2018 – Wed – Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill)
3/12/2018 – Mon – Napa Valley college (Napa)
3/14/2018 – Wed – Solano Community College (Fairfield)



We typically start at DVC (Pleasant Hill) at 7:30 am, and at SCC (Fairfield) and NVC (Napa) at 8:45 am, and leaflet until 11:15 – 11:30ish, depending on how the student traffic is.

You’re welcome to join for all or part of it the time!  Please email us and let us know so we can plan accordingly for outreach materials.

Knowledge Needed:  Familiarity with veganism for the occasional question

Experience Needed:  Ability to smile, & hold out your arm while holding a booklet

As easy as smiling and holding out leaflet

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BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – Nov/Dec 2016

November 3rd, 2016

BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – Nov/Dec 2016

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BAVeg Napa/Solano News Sept/Oct 2016

September 17th, 2016

BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – Sept/Oct 2016

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Current and Recent Napa/Solano E-News

November 17th, 2015

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Nov – not archived online

BAVeg News Napa/Solano August 2015

July 19th, 2015

BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – August 2015

BAVeg News Napa/Solano July 2015

July 19th, 2015

BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – July 2015

BAVeg News Napa/Solano – May/June 2015

May 18th, 2015

BAVeg News – Napa/Solano – May/June 2015

Sjaak’s Vegan Chocolate Quiz – Questions

April 22nd, 2015

At the Vallejo Earth Day, the BAVeg table focused on water usage and food choices, and distributed information about factory farming, nutrition and recipes, and animal rights.  For fun, participants were asked a randomly selected question related to food and the environment.  As a “thank you” for participating, they were gifted with an organic vegan chocolate bite donated by Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates.  We will have a longer post soon with photographs.  Thank you to our volunteers who made this possible: Debbie, Tonia, Jamie, and Tammy

Here are the questions that were used:



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