Tony Tutto Pizza

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0 out of 5 stars 0 / 5.0, 3 reviews
Address: 246 E. Blithedale Ave. (Sycamore), Mill Valley 94941
Area: North Bay
Phone: (415) 383-8646
Hours: Wed-Sun 11:30am - 9pm Monday 5:30pm - 9pm Tuesday Closed
Category: Restaurant/Food Vendor (Vegetarian)
Restaurant Type: Pizza
Average cost: $11-$20  per person after tax and tip$11-$20  per person after tax and tip
Vegan Dessert: No
Accepts credit card: No
Parking: off street

Notes: Tony Tutto Pizza is a small pizzeria offering artisan pizzas, as well as salad, soup, and calzones. It's entirely vegetarian and has a separate vegan pizza menu. Indoor seating is limited; there's covered outdoor seating. They use primarily organic ingredients in their pizza dough and tomato sauce as well as most toppings. The pizza crust is thin and crisp.

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4.5 out of 5 stars Tried three of their vegan pizzas - all are delicious! Especially loved the thin, crisp crust which had just the right amount of toppings. Did not miss the heaviness of vegan cheese. Note, the chili flakes and chili oil used in their pizzas give them a bit of a kick. I loved the fresh arugula on the "Garden of Love Light" pizza. Would definitely return if in the area. tammy
Reviews: 139
4.5 out of 5 stars There's a new vegan menu, almost as long as the laco-veg menu! Good selections. Cheeseless. One want to try that doesn't travel well w/arugula & pine nuts. Mushroom+ one and olive ones good. Organic & they drizzle olive oil on the pizzas AFTER they're out of the oven. Not pizza I'm used to: more like pizza crust with toppings open sandwiches. Good vegan soup. Owner very nice. LHLisavegan
Reviews: 65
4 out of 5 stars This was tasty pizza with a crunchy thin crust. The vegan pizza is simply cheeseless. There are no mock meats or soy cheeses. The owners are very sweet and accommodating. It's nice to know that no pepperoni fat accidentally dripped on my pizza! francie
Reviews: 8

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