New Ganges

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2.77 out of 5 stars 2.77 / 5.0, 15 reviews
Address: 775 Frederick St, San Francisco 94117
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
Phone: (415) 681-4355
Hours: Lunch:11am-2pm; Dinner: 5pm-10pm. 7 days a week.
Category: Restaurant/Food Vendor (Vegetarian)
Restaurant Type: Indian
Average cost: $11-$20  per person after tax and tip$11-$20  per person after tax and tip
Vegan Dessert: Yes
Accepts credit card: Yes

Notes: For many years, this was the only vegetarian Indian restaurant in SF. Some people like this place, many people don't. Staff is willing to accommodate vegans, although service is at times overly attentive.

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New Ganges
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Average rating:2.77 out of 5 stars 2.77 / 5.0 Based on 15 reviews. (Add/Edit your own review)

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4.5 out of 5 stars I feel like I missed something - I only met a nice lady but no psycho guy... I had the lunch buffet for $7.95 today and it was healthy and tasty. 3 of 4 entrees were vegan (kidney bean, chickpea and lentil) but not a creamy dish. Veggies, samosas and both rice were vegan too, but not chai tea or mango ice cream. Two sauces not vegan but mango sauce OK, as well as salad. Fresh fruit dessert option. greg
Reviews: 133
3.5 out of 5 stars New Ganges is a cozy restaurant across from the southwestern side of Golden Gate Park, near Kezar Stadium. Serving delicious curries and various other traditional Indian dishes. The friendly service will make you feel comfortable as the tasty food will make you feel satiated. Dan
Reviews: 12
0.5 out of 5 stars The owner is very rude. It is too bad that it is the only veg indian food place in SF because I will never go back there. I used to just get take out so I would not have to deal with him, but last time I went he tried to charge my credit card for things that he did not give me and wouldn't let me have any nan. Quite strange. pinkysf
Reviews: 7
4.5 out of 5 stars Food is yummy, especially carrot pudding.Good location.Owner has gotten much better (sure, he still pushes things, but he doesn't stand right over your shoulder anymore). Recently, I went on a Sunday evening, and the restaurant was empty. Hopefully more people will try it. Soon. Please... Becca
Reviews: 39
0 out of 5 stars I do NOT recommend this restaurant under any circumstance. It's not the food, the food is fine. It's the owner. Pushy, in your face, overbearing-call him what you will, I think he may have some kind of personality disorder.Anyway he's over the top, and he is very difficult to reason with. If you or anyone you know is considering opening a veg Indian place in SF- PLEASE DO IT! We'll love you for it seitan nic
Reviews: 15
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