Lucky Creation

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3.63 out of 5 stars 3.63 / 5.0, 12 reviews
Address: 854 Washington St, San Francisco 94108
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Phone:(415) 989-0818
Hours: 11am-9:30pm; Closed Wed
Category: Restaurant/Food Vendor (Vegetarian)
Restaurant Type: Chinese
Average cost: $5-$10 per person after tax and tip
Vegan Dessert: No

Notes: For the longest time this nondescript Chinese vegetarian restaurant was the only one in San Francisco Chinatown. Features display case with dim sum choices. Small restaurant, so solo diners may be asked to share a table. Note - MSG is used in some dishes.

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Lucky Creation
Added by chris on 2004-04-13, Last update: 2012-08-12, Viewed 12332 times
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Average rating:3.63 out of 5 stars 3.63 / 5.0 Based on 12 reviews. (Add/Edit your own review)

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5 out of 5 stars I am a vegan. When I dine in this 100% vegan place, I don't need to worry at all. I express my gratitude to the owner many times for her dedication to this vegan community. If you look for a serene, quiet or not over-crowded place, this place is NOT what you look for. However, if you care about that your every bite is 100% vegan and also very affordable; I will highly recommend it. Enjoy! peace414
Reviews: 3
3.5 out of 5 stars Hole in the wall. The staff varies between being indifferent, loud and rude. I am a fan of their buns/dim sum stuff though bunnygirl
Reviews: 23
4.5 out of 5 stars Eggplant & Bell Peppers & Tofu all stuffed with Taro, rice, Chrysanthemum Tea, two little desserts (Lotus and Red Bean pastries) came to $11.35. That's not bad. The location is a typical sketchy Chinatown restaurant, but the people are nice and the food is good. A pleasant Buddhist oasis in meat mad Chinatown. Check out the Specials card on your table if you want a fancier, more expensive dish. greg
Reviews: 133
4.5 out of 5 stars Lucky Creation is the best, though not the biggest or cleanest, Chinese vegetarian restaurant in SF. It has terrific food at good prices that can’t be found anywhere else. With their voluminous menu, you are sure to come away not only fully satisfied but also plotting your next visit. Too bad they don’t have a brown rice option. Lucky Creation is truly a gem in the rough. Dan
Reviews: 12
3 out of 5 stars 20 year non-veg employees tend like to talk across the room. #51 chow fun lacked bean sprouts and celery which are cheapest veggies you can buy. Was too salty too. My favorite is the bean thread soup. With no lunch specials, this Chinese place is more expensive than a lot of near by meat-Chinese restaurants. I'm surprised all these years, this is still the ONLY Chinese Veg restaurant availabl sunny
Reviews: 81
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