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Animal Place Tour + Vegan Food Party
Animal Place Tour and VFP   

On Saturday, April 12th, join Bay Area Vegetarians for a special day in the country and meet those lucky animals who call Animal Place home. You will meet some fascinating creatures that really do love visitors of the two-legged variety. Howie, the cow, will demand attention. The turkey clan will greet you enthusiastically. And, Susie the pig, really wants a belly rub. Each comes with a story that will touch your heart and deepen your appreciation for all life. We'll end the tour with a cool drink and a Vegan Food Party (aka potluck). This is our fourth year with this special and exclusive BAVeg tour and VFP at Animal Place. Thank you to Kim and Marji at Animal Place for making this possible.

New this year -- tour packages! You can opt for the basic tour, a premium package of tour and animal sponsorship/foster parent, and platinum offer of the preceding plus an Animal Place tee. And, of course, all proceeds benefit Animal Place, non-profit sanctuary & education center.

Because this event has been hugely popular in the past, we haven't had enough spaces for everyone who was interested. So, this year, to try and distribute the spaces better, we ask that everyone who is interested to please RSVP. Please read the RSVP instructions carefully to provide the requested information.

We will hold a drawing for all RSVPs received to date, on March 25th 8 pm PST. Those folks will be guaranteed a space once their payment is received. After that date, any remaining openings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. This is extra work for us, but hopefully will give folks who receive only our monthly newsletter a better chance at getting a space.

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All About Eating
All About Eating   

Writing & eating, leafleting and eating, Reading & eating, talking and eating.... There seems to be a common theme to many of our regular events: supporting and promoting veg*nism and animal rights, and enjoying vegan foods.

The Letter Writing Party in Berkeley and the Activists Writers' Salon in SF meet rain-or-shine to be a voice for animals. Currently both activities are meeting at Herbivore in their respective cities, 3/30 in SF and 4/15 in Berkeley. Bring your pen, compassion, and appetite and join them!

"Have a Heart, Go Veg Leafleting" involves smiling, distributing veg information to the public, and unwinding over vegan food afterwards. The next activity is Saturday, April 5th.

Reading and eating happens with the Vegan Book Club (general fiction) and Food for Thought Book Club (non-fiction vegan/animal rights books). There has been a growing interest in the book clubs - potentially there is enough interest to start a new chapter. Ready to help sprout a new group?

Talking and eating is a favorite activity with BAVeg. Current monthly dinners are weekdays at Happy Bamboo (San Jose), Garden Fresh (Mtn View), and Fragrance Land (Cupertino) hosted by Melissa, Collin and Sharon. The Veganauts expedition series travels throughout the Bay Area, on various dates. The next dinner is 3/29 at Cafe Soulstice in San Mateo.

To participate in any of these events, see the event calendar for details. If you'd like to organize one of these events in your community, please contact us and we'll help you get started.

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New Farm Sanctuary book
New Farm Sanctuary book   

Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, shares the triumphs and ongoing struggles of more than 20 years work in the animal protection movement in his new book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Food. Join him for his presentation and book-signing on March 22nd at the Marin Humane Society and March 24th at Book Passage in SF.

For more event details, or order an autographed copy of the book for yourself and your friends, please visit

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Love at First Leaflet
Love at First Leaflet   

Members have expressed a lot of excitement over leafleting with BAVeg, from (com)passionate singles leafleting events to enthusiastic posts to SFBAVEG exclaiming "Leafleting is better than sex". The single truth about leafleting is that every person that we reach with a veg leaflet has the potential to save lives -- a healthier human life and the lives of countless animals who won't be eaten by that person.

Check out this video, a wonderful example of how leafleting can truly change lives. And congratulations to the happy leafleting couple!

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Humane California
Humane California   

Since last October, over 4,000 volunteers across the state have been collecting signatures for The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. The signature collecting phase of the Humane California campaign is over and just under 800,000 signatures were submitted. A total of 433,971 valid signatures are required for a measure to qualify for California’s November 2008 ballot, and the group expects to qualify easily since it eclipsed the number of required signatures by 82 percent.

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Ultimate Guide Updates
Top Ten Ultimate Guide Restaurants   

Souley Vegan, whose name captures its all-vegan soul food menu, opened in Oakland just a few days ago. Chef/Owner Tamera Dyson also sells the vegan soul food at the Oakland Grand Lake Farmer’s Market. Vital Ital Calabash, which closed in January, has recently re-opened at its original Oakland location, with essentially the same all-vegan menu.

For more details on the above, and regular updates, check out our Guide News blog

Now available for ordering the Spring 2008 Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide.

With 1,335 reviews in the Ultimate Guide, these vegetarian restaurants are ranked the best. Have a Say -- voice your opinion with an Ultimate Guide review.

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Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants

1) Vital Ital Calabash - 4.8 (New entry)
2) Pizza Plaza, Oakland - 4.52 down
3) Garden Fresh, Mtn View - 4.5 up
4) Cha-Ya, Berkeley - 4.5 down
5) Vegetarian House, San Jose - 4.5 down
6) Good Karma, San Jose - 4.38 down
7) Tofoo Com Chay, San Jose - 4.29 down
8) Millennium, SF - 4.25 down
9) Manzanita Restaurant - 4.16 down
10) New World Vegetarian - 4.14 down


Heart Smart Cooking
Heart Smart Cooking   

Whole grains. Nonfat. Cheap. Easy to make. Any recipe with those adjectives is bound to also be…boring. Right? Wrong. Healthy recipes can be boring, no doubt about it, but they don’t have to be. If you have any recipes that you force yourself to make and eat because they’re good for you, rip them up and use them to make a piñata (which might taste better than the recipe).

Heart Smart Cooking


Event Calendar
Event Calendar   

03/20 Fragrance Land Dinner - Cupertino Add event to your local calendar
03/23 KFC Cruelty Protest (date change) - SF Add event to your local calendar
03/26 Adopt-a-College Leafleting - Academy of Art University, SF Add event to your local calendar
03/26 Garden Fresh Vegan Dinner - Mountain View Add event to your local calendar
03/27 Vegan Food & Fellowship Dinner - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar
03/29 Veganauts: Mission to Cafe Soulstice - San Mateo Add event to your local calendar
03/30 Activist Writers' Salon (date change) - SF Add event to your local calendar

04/05 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
04/05 Have a Heart, Go Veg Leafleting & Lunch - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/08 Happy Bamboo Dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
04/12 Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary Work Event - Stockton Add event to your local calendar
04/12 Animal Place Farm Tour and Vegan Food Party - Vacaville Add event to your local calendar
04/13 Runaway Vegans @ Vegan Outreach fundraiser - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/13 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/15 Adopt-a-College Leafleting - Academy of Art University, SF Add event to your local calendar
04/15 Letter Writing Party & Dinner - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
04/17 Fragrance Land Dinner - Cupertino Add event to your local calendar
04/20 Vegan Book Club Discussion: What is the What? - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/20 Activist Writers' Salon - SF Add event to your local calendar

05/03 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
05/03 Veganauts: Mission to Udupi - Sunnyvale Add event to your local calendar
05/04 Food For Thought: Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust - SF Add event to your local calendar

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For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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