On the road to 10K

BAVeg volunteers have distributed 9,621 vegan leaflets this quarter, at 11 different leafleting events, with 1 to 3 volunteers per event.






Venue # of Leaflets # of events
Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill)
Napa Valley College (Napa)
Solano Community College (Fairfield)
Vallejo Farmer’s Market

Want a more compassionate and vegan-friendly world?  Then join us in creating a more compassionate community in Vallejo, Napa, Fairfield, Pleasant Hill and the surrounding Bay Area.


Leafleting is simple.  It’s as easy as

  • Smiling
  • Extending your arm while holding a leaflet
  • And greeting people with hello” or “good morning”

Interested people then take a leaflet. And, it’s always great when they stop and read it on the spot! Like these people below did during leafleting earlier this year…


Vallejo Farmer's Market January 2015Vallejo Farmer's Market February 2015Vallejo Farmer's Market March 2015Diablo Valley College February 2015
More 2015 Outreach Photos

Visit our event calendar for upcoming outreach opportunities.  While school is in session, we typically leaflet monthly.  For the Vallejo Farmer’s Market, we have a table with leafleting, and (depending on volunteer support) will be at the market on both the 1st and 3rd Saturday, through Spring and Summer.  For the latter, we could really use a 2nd leafleting crew from 11 and 1 pm.

At this time, our outreach schedule is as follows:

03/26 BAVeg College Leafleting – Napa Add event to your local calendar
04/04 BAVeg Outreach at Vallejo Farmer’s Market – Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
04/09 BAVeg College Leafleting – Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill) Add event to your local calendar
04/18 Earth Day outreach – Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
04/18 BAVeg Outreach at Vallejo Farmer’s Market – VallejoAdd event to your local calendar
04/25 Earth Day outreach – Napa Add event to your local calendar
04/27 BAVeg College Leafleting – Solano Community College (Fairfield) Add event to your local calendar



And, a big THANK YOU to FARMUSA and Vegan Outreach for being so generous with their leafleting materials.  This quarter we have used FARMUSA’s “Have We Been Lied to” booklet as our primary leafleting booklet, with the “Guide to Cruelty Free Eating” from Vegan Outreach as a supplemental brochure.  We have also used the “Even If You Like Meat”,  “Compassionate Choices”, and “Why Vegan” in Spanish from Vegan Outreach, and the English and Spanish versions of “Honoring God’s Creation” from the Christian Vegetarian Association.  We participate in the FARMUSA and Vegan Outreach programs – Compassionate Activist Network and Adopt a College.


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