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Eat Vegan and Be Happy

left to right: Evelyn, Veronica, Kenneth, Lisa, Tammy

BAVeg has been doing vegan outreach monthly at the Vallejo Farmer’s Market’s since October, regularly distributing 500-600 leaflets each time.

In November, we had out first Vegan Food Party (VFP, aka potluck) with approx 20 people. At our second VFP in January, we had approx 25 people, including Vallejo’s own vegan body building Champion, Kenneth Williams.

With such wonderful discussions of future Vallejo vegan business ventures including a food truck  and a grocery store, learning that Vallejo’s mayor is vegan, and existing vegan-owned businesses like a yoga studio and bookstore, visions of a Vegan Vallejo are dancing in our hearts.

The photo above shows the entrepreneurs at our January VFP – Veronica is planning a vegan food business in Benicia/Vallejo area, Kenneth – grocery store, Lisa – food truck, and Tammy – BAVeg.

Help us with our vision of a Vegan Vallejo (and beyond) – attend/support our activities.  Think about making an extra dish and bringing a veg-curious friend to our next Vegan Food Party.  The Vegan Food Party happens monthly on the 4th Saturday; the next one is Feb 28th (event calendar | FB event link)

Live in a city with no veg restaurants?

How do you find restaurants with veg choices?  If you’re friends or have friends with friends who know and share this info regularly, like Rosanne Pizarro who recently shared about vegan peasant pies in Hayward, you’re fortunate and will dine well.

But if you’re new to the Bay Area, or new to being veg, it can be a challenge.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the SF Bay Area debuted in 2001 to address that issue.  It’s an online guide featuring vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as veg-owned businesses and services.

So — next time you find the fantastic vegan pie, please add it to our Guide so it becomes part of a knowledge base that can be shared with everyone.  Opinionated reviewers are also welcome!

Go to (just a shortcut version of to search for restaurants or add a review.


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