Vegan/Animal Rights Book Club

Bay Area Vegetarians is starting a book club that will read nonfiction vegan and animal rights topics, and the occasional fiction story that has a vegan theme.  (If you are a long-time member, then we are “restarting” the book club.)

There’s some wonderful books out there. If you’d like to read more books (and enjoy vegan food during the discussions), then maybe this is the book club for you!

First Book for 2015!

First Book for 2015!

For our first book, we’re going with something fun – Vegan Cowboy by Carol Treacy. Vegan Cowboy is Treacy’s first novel. She’s a local author (and vegan), now living in Petaluma. The story was written out of her love for all animals and vegan cowboys, wherever they are.

Fiction books are very popular so part of our interest is seeing how fictional stories work as a medium for raising awareness of veganism.

There will be 6 meetings a year, meeting on the last Thursday of the month, even-numbered months only (Feb, Apr, Jun and so forth).

Please join us and share your ideas for this new book club! If you can’t make this meeting but would like to attend future meetings, please also let us know.

RSVP/Event Details

Our book club is affiliated with the Vallejo Bookstore, an independent and vegan-owned bookstore, which has a wonderful selection of cookbooks (vegan only) and other titles.

VEGAN COWBOY Book Summary and Author Bio

VEGAN COWBOY Book Summary and Author Bio


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