“Green Recipes” for St Patty’s Day

Green Recipes?
Over 750 people received information about delicious vegan recipes, plant-based nutrition, and the revealing truth of the modern day animal factory farms.

“I love zipping through a line of people seated on the curb, every one of them holding their hands up for a Vegetarian Starter Kit. But even better is walking back down that line a few minutes later and watching people reading about animal cruelty and cruelty-free veg eating. What a great feeling of accomplishment.”

“Giving people the information they need to change their lives is so empowering. It feels great to make a difference. It’s especially wonderful when people who originally declined change their minds and turn around and ask us for one.”

“One person asked if this was about eating vegetarian to reduce cruelty to animals. I said “yes” and he said “I can do that, thanks for the information”

Thanks to our wonderful crew of leprachaun volunteers — Alex, Tammy, Jack, Mark, Libba, Tattwan, Bobby and Jordan. You can find more leprechaun photographs by Jordan & Libba in the photo gallery).

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