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In many cities across the country, there are no vegetarian restaurants, or maybe just one. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants that there's an annual survey to give bragging rights of who's the best.

We are pleased and excited to announce the results of the 2006 BEST OF VEG sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians. Thank you to the members of Bay Area Vegetarians and the general community for their votes and participation in our 4th annual survey to recognize the best in vegan and vegetarian restaurant dining across the the San Francisco Bay Area.


Best Vegan Restaurant Best Vegetarian Restaurant
Millennium Herbivore
Millennium Restaurant Herbivore The Earthly Grill Restaurant


Best East Bay Restaurant - Cha Ya (Berkeley)
Best North Bay Restaurant - Lydia's Lovin' Foods (Fairfax)
Best San Francisco Restaurant- Millennium (San Francisco)
Best South Bay and Peninsula Restaurant - Vegetarian House (San Jose)


Best Veggie Burger - Herbivore (San Francisco)
Best Vegan Dessert - MaggieMudd (San Francisco)
Best Vegan Pizza - Fellini (Berkeley)
Best Raw Food - Cafe Gratitude (SF / Berkeley)

Best New Vegetarian Restaurant - Cha-Ya (San Francisco)
Best Asian Food Restaurant - Cha-Ya (SF / Berkeley)
Best Indian Food Restaurant- Udupi Palace (Berkeley)
Best Everyday Restaurant- Herbivore (San Francisco)
Best Special Occasion Restaurant- Millennium (San Francisco)
Best Service Restaurant - Cafe Gratitude (SF / Berkeley)
Best Restaurant for a Casual Veggie Date - Herbivore (San Francisco)

Voter Prize Winners

With the wonders of a random number generator to identify random votes, and thanks to our prize donors, Turtle Mountain, Cinema Libre Studios, and The Vegan Culinary Experience, the following folks voted and won various prizes, including Vegan Cooking Class, Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide, Soy Delicious ice cream, McLibel DVD, and The Vegan Culinary Experience subscription.

Claudia Leung, Marji Beach, Monica Kim, George Kao, Kyrsten Bean, Will, Teena Arora, Jamye Jukich, Michelle Masuda, Cynthia Rubin, Linda Savage.Anamarie Urrutia.


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