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We are pleased and excited to announce the results of the 2003 Vegetarian Restaurant Contest sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians.

Thank you to the members of Bay Area Vegetarians (1500+ members) and the general community for their votes and participation in our contest.

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Best Vegetarian Restaurant
1. Millennium
2. Herbivore
3. Golden Era
Best Vegan Restaurant
1. Millennium
2. Herbivore
Best New Restaurant
1. Stoa
2. Urban Forage
3. Amarin Thai
Best Ambience
1. Millennium
2. Greens
3. Stoa
Best Under $10
1. Herbivore
2. Shangri-La
3. Golden Era
Best Breakfast
1. Herbivore
2. Stoa
3. Ananda Fuara
Best Lunch
1. Shangri-La
2 . Golden Era
3. Ananda Fuara
Best Dessert *
1. Millennium
2 . Herbivore
3. Ananda Fuara
Best Pizza *
1. Lanesplitter Pub
2 . Panhandle Pizza
3. Zante's Indian Pizza
Best Burger *
1. Ananda Fuara
2. Herbivore
3. Barney's
* this category open to vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants for vegan foods

The results clearly show the excellence of our local vegetarian restaurants. A few restaurants emerged as clear favorites of vegetarian diners. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, San Francisco restaurants dominated the results. Interestingly, the East Bay had only one winner -- a non-vegetarian restaurant in a vegan food category that was open to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants -- while the South Bay made a strong showing in the Best New Restaurant category.

Bay Area Vegetarian Dining Factoids

What types of foods do you eat when out?

Vegetarian/Mostly Vegetarian - 60%
Vegan/Mostly Vegan - 37%
Omnivore - 3%

How often do you eat out (per week/average)? 3.8 times

How much do you spend eating out (per week/average)? $55

What type of veg restaurant would you like to see?


Twenty voters were randomly selected for the veg prizes. Congratulations to the prize winners!

Thank you again to our prize donors:

Compassionate Cooks
North American Vegetarian Society
Wild Bryde Jewelry