Bay Area Vegetarians is a local, non-profit community organization where everyone (vegans, pre-vegans, vegetarians, vegetarian-interested folks) from all the different paths leading to vegetarianism (such as ethical, environmental, health, spiritual) and at different points on their paths can find the camaraderie or friendly support they need to establish and maintain a veg*n lifestyle.


To connect and support the local, San Francisco Bay Area vegetarian and animal rights (AR) communities, and support and promote a plant-based diet through community education and outreach.


Membership is free and open to everyone, vegans, vegetarians, veg*n-inclined or veg*n-interested people. Each member must have a valid email address to maintain their membership. (The * acts as a wildcard, meaning vegetarian or vegan)

Members are invited to attend group events, and to invite guests to participate as well. Registered members will have access to the bulletin board/forum, and mailing lists and wonderful benefits.

Note: Use of the above resources are subject to Posting Guidelines.



Bay Area Vegetarians is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by plant-powered volunteers. We have no paid staff.



Bay Area Vegetarians does not condone or support activities or messages which are illegal, or designed to intimidate individuals or businesses. Furthermore, we do not support any organizations engaged in those types of behavior or actions, or events benefiting such organizations.

The views expressed on our mailing lists and forum are the individual views and responsibility of the poster. Posters assume all liability for the content of their posts and hereby waive any and all claims that might arise against Bay Area Vegetarians, its volunteers, management, moderators and administrators.

Regarding the events posted on our website and to our mailing lists: If you accept an invitation to an event, you agree to participate at your own risk and expressly waive any and all liability on the part of Bay Area Vegetarians, its volunteers, management, moderators and administrators.


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Bay Area Vegetarians is a proud member of the International Vegetarian Union.

We are not officially affiliated with any other groups, but invite informal affiliations or working alliances with any other organization to promote veg*nism and animal rights.