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 If You Love Animals Called Pets
 by Tammy Lee

Rough Guide to Animal Rights
by Mat Thomas, Nora Kramer, Gabe Quash

But you eat Fish don't you?
by Mat Thomas
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But you eat fish don't you? PDF Version

But you eat fish don't you? Color PDF Version

Bay Area Veg Brochure


 Travelin' Vegan by Karen Meldrum

 Toefood by Tammy Lee

 Help the Animals by Volunteering by Chris James

 Food for Thoughts: Advantages to being Vegan by Karen Meldrum

 Eating with Compassion by Tammy Lee




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Mentor Program Flyer

Useful documents -


First Amendment Rights
3 page document highlighting your First Amendment Rights.
Always good to have on hand when leafletting or doing outreach in public.




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