Take the Veg Pledge!

for earth’s sake,
for the animal’s sake,
for YOUR sake!

BAV is here to support and assist you in your transition to a plant-based diet.

In addition to our Mentor Program you may find our 12 step program useful.

Do stay in touch with your progress, and let us know if you need help or encouragement. We’ll try our best to help.

ThankYou for Making The Pledge To Go Veg!

12 reasons to go veg

  1. Improve Your Health
  2. Compassion/Respect For Life
  3. Social Justice/Human Rights
  4. Live Lightly On The Earth
  5. Protect/Conserve The Water Supply
  6. Tastes Good
  7. Spiritual Reasons
  8. More Economical
  9. Save The Rainforest
  10. Withdraw Support From An Exploitive Industry
  11. Protect Habitat For Wildlife
  12. Make A Difference

12 steps to veg

1. Take the veg pledge! for earth’s sake, for the animal’s sake, for YOUR sake! Meat eaters, go vegetarian! if you’re veg, go vegan!

2. Attend MA support meetings. Meat-Eaters Anonymous meetings are held monthly, aka Vegan Food Parties (VFPs) and our Monthly dinners. See events calendar for details.

3. Clean the carcasses out of your freezer & pantry. Give it away to food shelters, or your neighbors.

4. Read a good book and learn about the issues. Diet for a New America, Animal Liberation, Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating, Fast Food Nation.

5. Hook-up with a veg buddy/mentor. Someone who can answer questions or give you helpful tips & support , let us know if you need one.

6. Find good recipes. Try Peaceful Palate by Raymond, ask your veg buddies, attend VFPs. Or check out our list of Best Veggie Cooks Books.

7. Shop at stores with good produce and foods. All stores have veggies, grains, legumes; natural food stores like Rainbow Grocery usually have lots of organic produce and yummy commercial vegan food products. You'd also be surprised to see how cool veggie products Safeway carries.

8. Celebrate at some of the best veg restaurants! Herbivore’s (SF), Millennium’s (SF), Golden Era (SF), Cha Ya (Berkeley), and many others and can be found in our Ultimate Guide.

9. See what the experts say. Get audio or video presentations, listen to experts when they tour the Bay Area, attend conferences.

10. Visit a farmed animal sanctuary. Animals are our friends, not food. For a full list check out our Ultimate Guide.

11. Keep an open mind. Try new foods, try different foods -- experiment!

12. be patient with yourself as your diet and tastes evolve. For some it's a revolution, others an evolution -- set a pace that works for you.