Two Figs Kitchen

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Address: , San Francisco
Neighborhood: Mission District
Category: Caterer
Accepts credit card: No

Notes: Created by partners Allison Gratton & Amanda Leahy, Two Figs Kitchen is founded upon the idea that vegetarian cuisine need not be boring, bland or odd re-creations of obsolete classics (think chicken cordon bleu a la seitan). No thank you, we’ll pass. Instead, Two Figs Kitchen uses a heavy dose of creativity, a splash of ingenuity & a soupcon of quirk to create new & exciting vegetarian fare. We call it postmodern vegetarian, meaning we draw upon an array of cuisines and flavors of the world to bring you ridiculously delicious food that nourishes and enlivens. We do not use soy, gluten, dairy, animal proteins, GMO Frankenstein things, sugar, processed crap, fake anything. We do use vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, oils, herbs & spices in their whole state and maintain a balance between raw and gently cooked. Our dishes have a back-to-basics approach and offer you the season’s blooming stars of the garden in their local, sustainable and organic expressions. Ultimately, we cook with integrity and from the heart to feed the souls of our community.

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Two Figs Kitchen
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