Tammy and Judy
RSVP: Knit, Purl and Chat: Orientation & Kickoff - Vallejo - 08/19/15

Original Event Notes: We are starting a knitting club. It's open to new or experienced knitters. Based on interest and available knowledge, we are open to include crocheting, too.

Being vegan or vegetarian is not a requirement to join us, but we do require that you are supportive (i.e. no anti-veg discussions or attitudes will be tolerated).

The vegan guideline applies to any food that may be consumed at the meetings, materials used in projects, and being supportive of the vegan community.

We're looking at it being a monthly event, the 3rd Wednesday of every month, from 6:30 to 8:00 or 8:30.

A beginner's first hat

Baby blanket

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