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RSVP: Healthy Veg Discussion & Support Group - American Canyon - 08/13/15

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Objective: support and connect individuals consuming a whole foods, plant-strong diet

Sometimes it can range from irritating to frustrating, or daunting to overwhelming, to live in a world where people have become so overweight and obese with all the negative health effects because of our culture based modern meat, processed foods and soda pop diet.

Would you join us for a healthy veg support group? In-person meetings with online support? Recommendations for recipes?

This is a Monthly meeting series, normally held on the 2nd Thursday. If you can't make this meeting but would like to join subsequent ones, please let us know. (click on my name above where it says "Host")

Organizer/Meeting Leader: Lewis Withrow (more info about Lew below)

Please RSVP (click on my name above where it says "Host") so I can send you a packet of information that will be useful for our first meeting.

Objective: support and connect individuals consuming a whole foods, plant-strong diet


Group discussion items may include

Location: American Canyon Library, Community Room, 300 Crawford Way, American Canyon

Doors open 6:15, Meeting starts promptly at 6:30 and will end at 7:30
Please plan to arrive no later than 6:25 so we can start promptly

Healthy Veg Group Flyer

About Lew
Lewis Withrow started researching nutrition in 2001 when, after many years of the wrong diet, he became quite overweight. Today he is 65 pounds lighter and has no trouble maintaining weight, eating all the proper foods that he wants. At 66 years old, Lew either runs or plays tennis daily, and feels he is in the best health of his life. He has a Certificate of Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, completed a Cancer Project (sponsored by PCRM) cooking course and has attended a McDougall Advanced Study Weekend. Lew has also taught a ‘not for credit’ nutrition course at Solano Community College. His recommended diet is plant-based, whole foods, avoiding all meat, fish, dairy, and minimizing oils, processed sugars and foods.

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