RSVP: Post-Thanksgiving Vegan Food Party - San Rafael - 11/26/11

Original Event Notes:

Join us for one of our favorite types of events -- a Vegan Food Party, with our friends at!!

Never been to a VFP before? It's a community event where people bring their favorite vegan foods to share. A great way to try a variety of new dishes and meet and mingle with people of a like-mind.

Vegan Food: Bring your favorite homemade vegan food -- appetizers, entrees, salads, side dishes, desserts -- you name it! As long as it's vegan (strictly vegetarian, entirely plant-based, no animal or insect by-products). You're also welcome to taste-test new recipes on hungry volunteers, too! Please see VFP guidelines for more details on what to bring.

Everyone is welcome, both veg & non-veg, as long as each person is open-minded and brings vegan food to share :-) If you have non-veg friends who always wonder what you eat, volunteer to make a vegan dish for them, and bring them along to enjoy our community feast!

A few important notes:
1. Please bring re-useable cups/plates, etc. It's better for the environment that we all share.
2. Each person should plan to bring a vegan dish with 6 to 8 servings, ingredient list, and everything you need to eat and serve your dish with. Please read the VFP Guidelines about what to bring. Seriously, this could mean the difference between eating and not eating.
3. Gather at 3 pm, start eating at 3:30 pm :-)

Location: Private home in San Rafael. Address will be sent upon RSVP