RSVP: Walk with us in the Pride Parade: Love and Let Live - SF - 06/28/09

Original Event Notes: Pride is right around the corner, and you know what that means…party for the animals!!

Bay Area Vegetarians has had a powerful presence at Pride for many years now. San Francisco Pride 09 is June 27 and 28. The most exciting thing about this year: For the first time, we will be *in* the parade in addition to the usual booth.

All parade walkers will receive a free t-shirt. It will be a solid color with an animal rights quote on the front and a veg website on the back. Everyone will wear different colors so that together we will make a rainbow. We’ll have a banner in the front of the group. All you have to do is show up, smile, and walk! We want a large, happy group of veggie folks to set a good example. We’ll have a few folks on the sidelines wearing costumes (a chicken, a pig, a cow, some lettuce) and handing out free veg information. You can help with that if you’d like, or you can be part of the support team if you’re super shy (pushing a cart with leaflets, etc).

Being veg is the most positive thing we can do for animals, the earth, and our bodies. If it wasn’t for people volunteering to leaflet, I myself would not be veg…I am forever grateful to the people who opened my eyes, and I want to do the same for others.

Veg Outreach at Pride is one big party. We get to hang out with other veggies and with the happy crowds, enjoy the festival and parade, and change the world for animals. If you’re up for some fun, contact me. **You must RSVP ahead of time so we know to order a shirt for you.**

See you in June!


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