RSVP: Book Discussion: The China Study - SF - 05/06/07

Original Event Notes: Bay Area Vegetarians' is expanding the book club for vegetarian/animal rights discussions for 6 books in 2007. Three discussions will be in SF and three in other parts of the Bay Area, depending on participants location.

Current book:The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

Next selection - Free the Animals: The Story of the Animal Liberation Front by Ingrid Newkirk

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so we can start introductions and discussion promptly at 3 pm. Please note - our discussion will be based on the book.

Location - MaggieMudd, 903 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco.
Ultimate Guide information (including reviews)
BART pickup - if anyone needs to be picked up from Daly City BART, please email me and include your tel #.

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