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The SFBAVEG is run by Bay Area Vegetarians to serve the Bay Area vegetarian and animal rights community. The value of this mailing list is its *local* focus on vegetarianism and animal rights. Reposting national and international action alerts or off-topic messages will change the focus of this list and it will become just like any other mailing list. We do understand and respect that there are many important action alerts and other topics worthy of discussion, but the SFBAVEG list is not the proper forum for those items.

Please keep all posts "on topic" -- as the name implies, this means vegetarian or animal rights related, for the "Bay Area".

Here is a simple quiz to help you determine if your post is relevant:

Is this post about vegetarianism or animal rights?
One point for YES, zero points for NO

If this post is about an event*, action alert or news item,
is it local or California related?
One point for YES, deduct one point for NO

Total Your Score

Total Points Posting Eligibility
0 or less Not eligible - please do not post your message on the SFBAVEG list.
1 or more If the total score is at least ONE POINT on the quiz, then it is vegetarian or animal rights related and local and is probably okay to post to the SFBAVEG discussion list.




*Please see posting guidelines for more detailed information. There are some exceptions that cannot be caught by a two question quiz, especially for event posts. In order to keep this community viable and useful to all of us, please respect these guidelines.

Thank you for your support of Bay Area Vegetarians and our online community SFBAVEG.