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Why BAVeg?
Why BAVeg?   

The end of the year is a great time for reflection for all that happened during the year. BAVeg has no paid staff and no required membership dues. We exist entirely because of the goodwill and support of volunteers. A big thank you to our volunteers who made 2007 a wonderful year for us:

  • Organized 191 events by the end of this year in cities across the Bay Area, a cornucopia ranging from KFC Cruelty protests to restaurant dinners to letter writing parties to vegan cooking and baking classes to book discussions to leafleting to vegan food parties to Thanksgiving events.
  • Distributed over 26,000 veg leaflets at colleges, summer concerts, SF Pride, Earth Day, and more.

Our activities are a reflection of an important twin dynamic -- outreach to raise awareness and create new vegetarians and vegans, then social and educational activites to support aspiring and new veg*ns.

Our members are also supportive of our efforts to help other organizations help animals. Through fundraising efforts organized via BAVeg, nearly $4k was donated to Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Outreach.

Will you help us continue our work?

  • Share your time: Host a Vegan Food Party. Support our KFC Cruelty protests and letter writing parties -- we always need more volunteers. Design a flyer for us. Be our costume designer or designated driver for a big event like Pride. Organize a fundraising event for us. Volunteers for more leafleting. More events to support veg*ns. Writers and designers to create more outreach materials. Read our volunteer page for more ideas. Or tell us what skills or ideas you have.
  • Share your money: All donations of any size are appreciated.
  • Most importantly, just get involved. BAVeg works because we all work together.

Will you help us make 2008 another great year? We can't do it without you.

Tammy & Chris
BAVeg co-founders

Note: BAVeg offices will be closed 12/17 through 12/31. Please place any gift orders for Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide by Dec 10th for last shipment on Dec 15th. Or pre-order 2008. It's printed in small batches so it's always current.

Best of Veg 2007 - voting ends 12/15!

Bay Area Vegetarians sponsors this annual survey to recognize the top vegetarian restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Last year's winners included Millennium Restaurant and Herbivore.

In the last twelve months, the same number of new vegetarian restaurants opened. They will have the opportunity -- with your votes -- to bragging rights as the BEST OF VEG in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlike other restaurant surveys where veg*n restaurants have only one category, we have multiple categories to recognize best in class foods as well as best restaurants by region and the coveted overall Best Vegetarian Restaurant and Best Vegan Restaurant.

Voting ends Saturday, Dec 15th. Vote early, vote once, vote your favorites. We will be giving away special voter prizes every week, and the voter pool is cumulative, meaning the earlier you vote, the more opportunities you'll have to be drawn for a super vegan prize.

Only two more weeks to vote and two more prize drawings!

Book Clubs
Book Club   

BAVeg has 2 book clubs - the "Vegan Book Club" and "Food for Thought". Both meet to discuss books over vegan food, with VBC reading fiction and FFT focusing on nonfiction vegetarianism, animal rights, and nutrition books.

Both book clubs have been very popular. In fact, the VBC has been full for most of the last year, with a waiting list of people interested to join. If you'd like to help us form a new chapter to discuss fiction books, please contact Tammy.

Food for Thought's next meeting is Jan 6th in Emervyille. It is a topic very closely aligned with our organization: "For the Prevention of Cruelty: The History and Legacy of Animal Rights Activism in the United States" by Diane L. Beers.

"For the Prevention of Cruelty is the first history of organized advocacy on behalf of animals in the United States to appear in nearly a half century. Diane Beers demonstrates how the cause has shaped and reshaped itself as it has evolved within the broader social context of the shift from an industrial to a postindustrial society."

To learn more about this book and RSVP for our upcoming meeting see the following link

More Info


Community Thanks
Community Thanks   

The spirit and community of sharing and enjoying vegan foods and helping animals is alive and well! We want to acknowledge and thank the volunteers who host our regular events, typically monthly:

Andrew (SF KFC protest), Sara (East Bay letter writing party), Collin (Garden Fresh dinner), Carol (San Jose KFC protest), Lisa (Vegan Book Club), Melissa (Happy Bamboo dinner), Alicia as well as Christine (Marin dinner), Sharon (Fragrance Land dinner), Dana (Sundaes & Advocacy), Chris (Silicon Valley Lunch), and Tammy (Food for Thought book club, SF lunch)

And, we want to give a big thanks to our volunteer Thanksgiving organizers. Thanksgiving is murder on turkeys, and we are so grateful for our volunteers for providing our members with a compassionate & cruelty-free alternative: Collin and Sharon for the Mtn View VFP, Ann & Reeba for the Pacifica VFP, George for the Manzanita Restaurant dinner, and Kim & Jamie for the SF VFP. Approximately 80 people celebrated Thanksgiving Day at one of our events.

By all reports, there was a lot of delicious vegan foods at each of them. Understandably, everyone was too busy eating to take many photographs. The SF event was the exception -- thanks to Stacy who created a music video and also shared photographs.

YouTube Video

Flickr Gallery


Ultimate Guide Updates
Top Ten Ultimate Guide Restaurants   

A new south Indian vegetarian fast food restaurant, Dosa Place, opened in Santa Clara. The east bay now has a cruelty-free boutique and shoe store near Oakland's Lake Merrit, let's welcome Micico Mambo!

This time last year we were announcing that Layonna's in SF had opened; this year, we are announcing it closed. LuLai Garden in Milpitas closed. Meanwhile, Que seRaw seRaw temporarily closes for a long extended holiday, anticipating a re-opening circa mid-January.

Now available for pre-order: the Winter 2008 Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide. It ships Jan 8th.

For regular updates, check out our Guide News Blog

With 1,286 reviews in the Ultimate Guide, these vegetarian restaurants are ranked the best.

Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants

1) Pizza Plaza, Oakland - 4.52 up
2) Cha-Ya, Berkeley - 4.5 up
3) Vegetarian House, San Jose - 4.55 up
4) Garden Fresh, Mtn View - 4.47
5) Good Karma, San Jose - 4.38
6) Tofoo Com Chay, San Jose - 4.29
7) Millennium, SF - 4.22
8) Manzanita Restaurant - 4.16
9) Cafe Gratitude - 4.13
10) New World Vegetarian - 4.12

Agree or Disagree about the Top Ten? Then say something about it, with an Ultimate Guide review.

How to review a restaurant in the Ultimate Guide


Heart Smart Cooking
Heart Smart Cooking   

In the South, it's a tradition to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good fortune. Some people believe you need to eat one bean for each day of the year, so you don't have any bad-luck days. So eat your black-eyed peas vegan for good fortune in 2008!

Heart Smart Cooking


Event Calendar
Event Calendar   

12/09 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
12/09 Vegan Cookie Exchange - Menlo Park Add event to your local calendar
12/11 Happy Bamboo dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
12/18 Letter Writing Party - Oakland Add event to your local calendar
12/19 Silicon Valley Lunch (Merit Vegetarian) - Sunnyvale Add event to your local calendar
12/20 Fragrance Land Dinner (now on the 3rd Thursday!) - Cupertino Add event to your local calendar
12/25 Christmas Day dinner - Oakland Add event to your local calendar
12/27 Garden Fresh Vegan Dinner - Mountain View Add event to your local calendar
12/29 Make 2008 The Year of ALL Animals! Leafleting & Dinner - SF Add event to your local calendar

01/05 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
01/05 Italiano Vegan Food Party and Re-Gift - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
01/06 Food For Thought: For the Prevention of Cruelty: The History and Legacy of Animal Rights Activism -.. Add event to your local calendar

Outlook users can use the 'calendar' icon link (calendar icon link)to add this event to their calendar.

For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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