Volunteer and make a difference

Want to help save animals and have fun at the same time? Then volunteer with Bay Area Vegetarians!

We know its not everyone's forte to go leafleting, but there are many other ways to promote veganism to help the animals, the environment, and our own health.

We're always looking for people to help at events, share their own ideas to promote vegetarianism & animal rights, or simply support us in our various outreach programs.

For a list of jobs we really need help with please check here.

If you want to keep up to date with opportunities or want to share ideas then join our volunteer mailing list.

You can make a difference every day -- have fun, make new like -minded friends, and save animals along the way.

Here's some ideas -

1. Host a Vegan Food Party (VFP) - you may not think that by hosting a potluck helps animals, but indirectly you do. We know that new vegetarians are looking for support and good recipes. A VFP is an ideal way to help others transition to a plant-based diet. VFP's can be held at your home, community center, local park etc.
2. Table for us at a local event such as Earth Day, Farmer's Market or Street Fair . Many companies and schools have Earth Day events where you can make a big impact. We're always being asked to set-up informational tables at events and are very happy to help with ideas, literature, signs and posters.
3. Come to one of our VEG101/ AR101 workshops and bring a non-veg friend. We're always looking for opportunities to run our workshops throughout the Bay Area. Maybe you work or volunteer at an animal shelter or organization that would like a tailored event for its members? If you'd like to help host an event in your city or be a speaker then please let us know.
4. Organize a BAVeg letter writing party either at your home or a coffee shop. It's very low-pressure, quick and easy to organize, but can have a disproportionately huge impact since so few people write letters.
5. Watch the mailing list for leafleting opportunities. If you feel uncomfortable talking with people, then you can always show solidarity with your presence by holding a sign or a banner. Leafleting can be easy and can take very little time or planning. Why not coordindate a leafleting event for BAVeg?
6. Check out our resource page for more local groups who are always looking for help, or volunteer with some of the national groups that need local support. e.g. VIVA! USA or Vegan Outreach. BAVeg has a team in the Vegan Outreach Adopt-A-College challenge - come join us!
7. Organize a BAV social outing such as a hike, bike ride, camping trip, a day out at a local attraction or a visit to one of the local animal sanctuaries. All can be very rewarding and help connect you with the local veggie community. We're sure you'll have a lot of fun and make new friends by doing it.

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Tammy & Chris
BAVeg Founders

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