Monthly Dinners

Marin - 2nd Thursday
Oakland - 3rd Sunday
Palo Alto - 2nd Tuesday
San Francisco - 3rd weekend
San Francisco - Last Thursday (Winter/Spring)
San Francisco - Last Friday (Summer/Fall)
San Jose - 2nd Saturday

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Oakland - 3rd Sunday - New World Vegetarian Restaurant

Host: Bob
Frequency: 3rd Sunday of every Month, est. Aug 2003

Host Notes: I chose New World Vegetarian Restaurant as the place for my monthly dinners because I have always liked the physical layout, with its high ceilings and airy interior, and the creative and flavorful dishes they prepare. When they began in the early 90's as Bode, prior to the appearance of Golden Lotus, they too were serving exclusively Vietnamese dishes on the menu. Now, as New World, they continue to offer many of the favorites from those days, in addition to great tasting entrees influenced by the cuisines of Brazil, Mexico,
Italy, New Orleans. While mock meat dishes are available in abundance, so are entrees without it. Staff is uniformly helpful and friendly.

Some of my favorite selections are the Indian Dharma, Bird Nest, Fejoada, Gumbo, "Tuna" potato clay pot, and when offered as specials, the enchilda dinner with green sauce, and the veggie burrito. Spiciness preferences are observed and range from very mild to forehead wiping intensity.

I like introducing New World to those who have never eaten there, as well as welcoming back those for whom
it is an old favorite. On any given third Sunday of the month there may be from 6 to 24 people of all ages, dining preferences, ethnicities, and interests. We have had people attend who were visiting the Bay Area from Toronto, as well as those who live in downtown Oakland. The restaurant is easy to get to, BART and bus accessible, and parking is easy for those coming via car.

While the restaurant has been flexible in terms of table reservations, I would highly recommend that if you wish to be seated with the group, please RSVP directly to me (not the restaurant) so we know to include a space for you at the group table.

For restaurant info, see The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the Bay Area
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Palo Alto - 2nd Tuesday - BayLeaf Cafe

Host: Sean
Frequency: 2nd Tuesday of every Month, established Feb 2004

Host Notes: Bay Leaf has the best vegan mock meat and mock dairy food you can find in the south bay. Their owners are kind and skilled cooks who have made a significant commitment to the vegan community by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in this restaurant. Their's is a venture that I want to support!

I inevitably order multiple main dishes and sides when I eat at Bay Leaf, and usually end up taking a lot of that home or sharing it. Usually I start out with the Quesadillas and ginger lemonade, with bbq tempeh for the main entree and chocolate cake with whip cream (vegan) for dessert. It's a lot of food but it's the best vegan meal I get all month!

The Bay Leaf dinners have become an event to look forward to. From the beginning they have been attracting a vibrant, eclectic crowd. These dinners are often boisterous and filled with energetic discussions. They remind me of who my true community is.

For restaurant info, see The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the Bay Area
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San Francisco - 3rd Friday/Saturday

Host: Thea
Frequency: 3rd weekend of every Month, established Jan 2005

Host Notes: This dinner series will be expanding to be a rotating event series, including brunch, dinner, etc. in the East and San Francisco Bay Area.

For restaurant info, see The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the Bay Area
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San Francisco - Last Friday

Host: Tammy & Chris
Frequency: Last Friday of every Month in the Summer/Fall, established August 2005
Location: Varies

Host Notes: We'll rotate thru some of our favorite restaurants in the city, Zantes', Bok Choy Garden and Shangri-La.
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San Francisco - Last Thursday - Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

Host: Tammy & Chris
Frequency: Last Thursday of every Month in the Winter, established Jan 2004

Host Notes: We dine frequently at Shangri-La because we like the food, the prices are reasonable, and the service is good. Then one day we realized (inspired by Bob, who started the monthly dinners in Oakland) that we could host a monthly dinner at Shangri-La!

We organize our dinners as a fixed-price meal. They have been 9-courses for $15, including tax and tip and all our favorite dishes: 1) steamed Pot Sticker or Spring Roll, 2) Won Ton soup (the broth is excellent with all the ginger!), 3) Vegetable Chow Mein, 4) Pie Pa Tofu Balls with Broccoli, 5) Homemade Dry Tofu with Vegetal Pork (aka #40), 6) Dry Cooked String Beans, 7) Kung Pao "Beef" (a special dish not on the regular menu) and we rotate the last two entrees from month to month, featuring different selections such as the Eggplant with Hot Sauce, Dry Cooked String Beans, Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs, Crispy Fried Tofu, or Vegetal Duck on Iron Plate.

We really find the monthly dinners to be one of our favorite events. It gives us the opportunity to connect with like-minded folks, renew or establish friendships, and dine at one of the city's best vegetarian (mostly vegan) establishments. We fill the two large round tables with people and the restaurant with lively discussions and laughter.

For restaurant info, see The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the Bay Area
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San Jose - 2nd Saturday - Vegetarian House

Host: Candace and Nancy
Frequency: 2nd Saturday of Every Month, established Dec 2004

Host Notes:

Candace: "The second meeting of our new monthly dinner at the Vegetarian House in San Jose was great fun! About 25 BAVegetarians, friends, and aspiring vegetarians filled one of the side rooms and enjoyed such dishes as wonton soup, grilled "salmon," Queen's "chicken," and vegan carrot cake. Afterwards, various members headed out to the movies and dancing. Of course, the conversation was interesting and varied. If you haven't been yet, Nancy and I would love to see you there."

Nancy: "If you have not been to International Vegetarian House, it is a local landmark and deserves your attention. Founded by the Supreme Master Ching Hai, it is almost 100% vegan and serves over 100 dishes.
The restaraunt is a museum of the founder's accomplishments, including a running video of her many lectures, a library of her books and videos and even a collection of manequins donning her own fashion designs. This is not to be missed!"

For restaurant info, see The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the Bay Area
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Marin - 2nd Thursday.

Host: Alicia
Frequency: 2nd Thursday of Every Month, established Feb 2005

Host Notes:

We are starting the Marin Vegan Dinner outings because we want to encourage Marin restaurants to understand what vegan food is and to offer more vegan options.

We also want to encourage vegans and vegetarians in the north bay to get to know one another better.
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