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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!   

If your resolutions include...

  • making the world a kinder place
  • meeting new people
  • getting out more
  • making time for fun and yummy vegan food

Then please make a pledge to join Bay Area Vegetarians every month for any of our outreach & advocacy events. You can then be happy that you took a little time to help change the world.

Veg Leafleting - would like to get a regular crew to do more leafleting (busy areas, fairs, concerts, BART/commuters), in SF, South Bay, East Bay, North Bay! Can you leaflet a nearby college on your lunch hour or evening?

Letter Writing Parties - East Bay & SF - there's no shortage of issues AND pens; we just need your hands & compassionate hearts!

KFC Cruelty protests - SF & San Jose - if you won't stand up for chickens, who will?

Let's make 2008 the Year for ALL Animals! Please join our team of regular volunteers. Contact us with your interests and stay tuned to the event calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Best of Veg 2007 Winners!
Best of Veg Winners   

Kudos to Millennium Restaurant for sweeping the 2007 BEST OF VEG survey, winning both Overall Best Vegan Restaurant as well as Overall Best Vegetarian Restaurant, and two other titles -- Best San Francisco Restaurant, and Best Special Occasion Restaurant.

Other BEST OF VEG 2007 restaurants include Herbivore (4 categories), Cafe Gratitude (3 categories), Cha Ya (2 categories), Vegetarian House, Saturn Cafe, MaggieMudd, Pizza Plaza, Donna's Tamales, and Udupi Palace.

Speak Up for Animals
Speak Up for Animals   

PETA is bringing SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS to San Francisco! Bay Area Vegetarians will be participating and hope you can join us.

Friday, Feb 1st: screening of I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA, an award-winning animal rights documentary.

Saturday, Feb 2: PETA will be hosting a discussion on effective advocacy, answering tough questions, and encouraging people to get involved to help animals.

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Runaway Vegans
Runway Vegans   

Footloose vegans on Bay Area streets!? Not quite. BAVeg is joining a half marathon & 10K to benefit Vegan Outreach's work to end cruelty to animals. Runaway Vegans is our compassionate tribe's name. Starting in February with a 12 week training program with the actual marathon in Santa Cruz on 4/13/08.

Join Alex and the Runaway Vegans!

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Your Ad Here, no Kidding
Your Ad Here   

Free events, free recipes, free membership, free leaflets -- the best things veg are free at Bay Area Veg.

But someone has to pay for all the electronic bytes of data and leaflets. So buy an ad. Or ask your favorite veg merchant to buy an ad. Rates are as low as $20 for 3 months.

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Ultimate Guide Updates
Top Ten Ultimate Guide Restaurants   

New additions include Au Lac Veggie (pan-Asian) and Noble Vegetarian (Vietnamese) in Sacramento, and Trupati Bhima (South Indian) in Milpitas. Check 'em out; Noble Vegetarian is near American River College - great opportunity to leaflet then enjoy a veggie meal.

In the East Bay, Asiana Garden in Berkeley closed Dec 15th. PETA Foundation opened their Oakland office last month. And they are hiring: Online Fundraising Data Analyst, Online Fundraising Creative Assistant, and Development Dept. Assistant.

All About Herbs is the newest vegan restaurant near Union Square in SF, providing Asian fusion cuisine. It's getting rave early reviews, too.

Now available for ordering the Winter 2008 Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide.

For regular updates, check out our Guide News Blog

With 1,300 reviews in the Ultimate Guide, these vegetarian restaurants are ranked the best.

Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants

1) Pizza Plaza, Oakland - 4.52
2) Cha-Ya, Berkeley - 4.5
3) Vegetarian House, San Jose - 4.5
4) Garden Fresh, Mtn View - 4.47
5) Good Karma, San Jose - 4.38
6) Tofoo Com Chay, San Jose - 4.29
7) Millennium, SF - 4.22
8) Manzanita Restaurant - 4.16
9) New World Vegetarian - 4.14 up
10) Cafe Gratitude - 4.13 up

Agree or Disagree about the Top Ten? Then say something about it, with an Ultimate Guide review.

How to review a restaurant in the Ultimate Guide


Heart Smart Cooking
Heart Smart Cooking   

I can’t believe I still hear people saying things like, “I’d like to go vegetarian, but how do you do it without eating a lot of carbs?” Or, “I’ve been vegan for five years and I’ve managed to completely avoid pasta in all that time. Yay for me!”

The Atkins myth has long been busted ...

Heart Smart Cooking


Event Calendar
Event Calendar   

01/12 Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary Work Event - Stockton Add event to your local calendar
01/12 Make 2008 The Year of ALL Animals! - SF Add event to your local calendar
01/15 Letter Writing Party - East Bay Add event to your local calendar
01/15 Happy Bamboo dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
01/17 Fragrance Land Dinner - Cupertino Add event to your local calendar
01/20 Vegan Book Club Discussion: The Road - SF Add event to your local calendar
01/20 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
01/20 Coffee & Advocacy - SF Add event to your local calendar
01/24 Silicon Valley Lunch (Kokila's) - Cupertino Add event to your local calendar
01/29 College leafletting - Academy of Art University, SF Add event to your local calendar
01/30 Garden Fresh Vegan Dinner - Mountain View Add event to your local calendar
01/31 Vegan Food & Fellowship Dinner - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar

02/01 BAVeg @ Speak Up for Animals! - SF Add event to your local calendar
02/02 Volunteer weekend at Milo Animal Sanctuary - Willits Add event to your local calendar
02/02 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
02/09 Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary Work Event - Stockton Add event to your local calendar
02/12 Happy Bamboo dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar

Outlook users can use the 'calendar' icon link (calendar icon link)to add this event to their calendar.

For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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Best of Veg 2007 Winners!
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Your Ad here, no Kidding
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