Compassionate Living Program Presents
Inside an Open Rescue with Christine Morrissey - Apr 9th

Inside an Open Rescue with Christine Morrissey - Apr 9th   

"Christine, director of East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA), opens the unlocked door of a shed and steps through. I follow, and the overwhelming force of ammonia assaults my eyes, nose, and lungs. This is the odor of decomposing avian feces, and it is poisonous. Blinking hard in the low light, I see them: white "broiler" chickens, 30,000 of them--about what 15 people, on average, would consume in a lifetime."
- Mark Hawthorne, Satya Magazine

What is open rescue? Is it legal? Is it effective? What happens to the animals who are rescued?

Christine Morrissey has conducted investigative rescues at egg, turkey, dairy and broiler farms in California's Central Valley. She is also a California humane officer, director of East Bay Animal Advocates, and works full-time as the Outreach Coordinator for the Contra Costa County Bar Association, where she organizes free animal law legal clinics.

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This event is sponsored by the Compassionate Living program, which examines and presents information related to vegetarianism and living a compassionate lifestyle, on the 2nd Sunday monthly.

If you missed March's presentation by Virginia Handley, "Use the Law, Help the Animals", it was recorded and now available at the Generation Vegan podcast

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KFC Cruelty Protest updates
KFC Cruelty   

Why does the human stand with a sign on the side of the road?
To stand up for those who can't -- to protest cruelty to chickens!

Many wonderful volunteers have been organizing and supporting our monthly KFC Cruelty protests in San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose, Pacifica and Palo Alto. For April only, please note SF protest is 4/22 and Palo Alto is 4/16. This is a one time change to accomodate the Animal Place tour. Going forward, the Pacifica protest will be held on a weekday evening. Starting Wedn. April 6th at 5:30 pm.

Please join us at our monthly protests; we get a huge number of cars and people going by and this is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and educate folks on the Colonel's secret ingredient: animal cruelty.

If you'd like to organize or participate in a KFC Cruelty protest in your city, but there's not one happening, please think about organizing it, or trying to find a like-minded person to co-host with you. Please email Tammy and she can give you some tips to get started, plus help you get free posters & leaflets from PETA.

Thank you for your support in protesting animal cruelty and making the Bay Area a more animal-friendly place.


Meatout reports from Pacifica and Palo Alto
Meatout - Pacifica (Amy)   

These events where a great success. Big thank you to the organizers and volunteers who worked hard to make these events happen.

Pacifica: Alex, Oliver, Amy, Chris and Tammy handed out over 200 veggie food samples at Pacifica Pier.

Palo Alto: Candace, Tami, Nate, Chuck, Clyde and Faune setup shop in downtown Palo Alto and showed PETA videos, gave out literature and food samples.

Again, thank you everyone for your support. Don't forget to check out the photos from the Pacifica event.

Event Photos


Volunteers Needed!
Calling All Activists!   

As the weather gets nicer, that's our cue it's time to hit the streets with pro-veg, pro-animals information. If you're interested in advocacy, at any level of participation, whether it's public such as leafleting or tabling or behind the scenes such as planning work or making phone calls, please email Tammy with your name, city, and telephone number.

Please also alert us to any opportunities for outreach/tabling in your community - local Earth Day events, street fairs, etc.

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Animal Place tour & Vegan Food Picnic
Animal Place tour   

Animal Place is a sanctuary nestled in Vacaville. Dozens of rescued farm animals and dogs from Mexico are lucky to call Animal Place "home". We had a wonderful tour last year, and are returning again this year.

On April 15th, Bay Area Vegetarians invites you to join us for an exclusive tour of Animal Place at 12:30 followed by a Vegan Food Party at 2:30.

Space is very limited so check out the details page for more info.

All proceeds benefit Animal Place, which has many other farm tours and other special events happening this spring, summer, and fall. Please support Animal Place and our friends at Animal Place.

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Our friend George is also hosting a Vegan Food Party in San Francisco on April 22nd. See event calendar for details.


Vegan on the Spot
Vegan on the Spot   

Tammy & Chris, co-founders of Bay Area Vegetarians, also have a podcast called Generation Vegan. They are looking for help with one of the new segments on the show -- "Vegan on the Spot". This is a quick one minute interview with vegans from all over the world, sharing a perspective about being vegan.

If you'd like to participate or learn more, please see the following page

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Compassion in Action
Compassion in Action   

Each year over 19 million egg-laying hens are raised in concentrated confinement to produce table eggs for California consumers. According to the California Poultry Workgroup, close to 100 percent of egg-layers are confined to battery cages.

Many local stores have adpoted a cage-free egg policy, including Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's. But there are many more companies out there that need to change.

Ask Andronico's Market, a natural foods grocery chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, to also adopt a cage-free egg policy. Company Contact Information:


Phone: (510) 649-6759

U.S. Mail: 1109 Washington Avenue, Albany, California 94706

Related links:

Inside the California Egg Industry


Restaurant Updates
Top Ten Ultimate Guide Restaurants   

The exciting buzz is that CHA YA is soon to open in the Mission district of San Francisco! Stay tuned for more news next month, or subscribe to our restaurant news blog for instant updates.

With over 850 reviews in the Ultimate Guide, these vegetarian restaurants are ranked the best. Do you agree?

Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants (*)

1. Good Karma, San Jose - 4.5
2. The Manzanita Restaurant, Oakland - 4.46
3. Tofoo Com Chay, San Jose - 4.4
4. Golden Lotus, Oakland - 4.35
5. New World Vegetarian, Oakland - 4.35 up
6. Vegetarian Gourmet, San Mateo - 4.33 up
7. Shangri-La, SF - 4.29 up
8. BayLeaf Cafe, Palo Alto - 4.25 up
9. Garden Fresh, Mtn View - 4.23 up
10. Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation 4.2 New

*based on Ultimate Guide reviewers like you

Don't see your favorite listed in the Top Ten? Then please give them a good review and help them gain the recognition that they deserve!

How to review a restaurant in the Ultimate Guide


Heart Smart Cooking
Heart Smart Cooking   

Cooking with Compassion and Good Health
by Alex Bury

Two easy recipes you can make without a lot of planning ahead - Red lentils for the soup and pears for the dessert.


Event Calendar
Event Calendar   

04/01 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar
04/01 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
04/01 Raw & Cooked VFP (kids welcome!) - canceled! - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
04/04 Adopt a College leafletting - Academy of Arts College, SF Add event to your local calendar
04/05 KFC Cruelty Protest (note new time/day) - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
04/08 South Bay Dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
04/09 Inside an Open Rescue with Christine Morrissey - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/11 Peninsula Dinner - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
04/15 Animal Place Farm Tour - Vacaville Add event to your local calendar
04/16 KFC Cruelty Protest - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
04/16 Dinner - Oakland Add event to your local calendar
04/18 Letter Writing Party - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
04/19 Marin Vegan Food & Fellowship Dinner - Sausalito Add event to your local calendar
04/21 Vegetarian Gourmet Friday Food & Fellowship Dinner - San Mateo Add event to your local calendar
04/22 Earth Day outreach - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
04/22 KFC Cruelty Protest (note date change) - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/22 Vegan Food Party & Mini Letter Writing Party - SF (Haight) Add event to your local calendar
04/22 Letter Writing Party - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
04/23 Book Club Discussion - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/28 Shangri-La Friday Food & Fellowship Dinner - SF Add event to your local calendar
04/29 Earth Day outreach - Emeryville Add event to your local calendar

05/06 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar

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