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We'd like to welcome our new members from PETA's two-day "Helping Animals 101" conference on 2/5-6. It was a wonderful weekend to learn and share and connect with over 200 like-minded folks from throughout the Bay Area and farther. To read more about the conference, from the perspectives of new and veteran activists, visit the BAV blog.

At PETA's invitation, Bay Area Vegetarians info booth explained the core components of BAV's programs and activities:

Community - Advocacy - Resources - Education

On the 2nd day of the conference, PETA organized one of the largest local protests in recent years with over 200 people converging on a nearby KFC outlet, effectively closing it for business. It was a hard act to follow, but the next weekend, over 30 neighborhood and community activists met for BAV's 1st monthly SF KFC protest on Geary and 6th Avenue. Sarah's Santa Cruz KFC demo was also the same day, with another 25 in attendance. The Pacifica KFC demo has recently been getting a steady attendance of 5-6 people every month.

BAV continues to network with local activists and volunteers to support PETA's KFC campaign locally: Val started a lunchtime monthly KFC series in Mill Valley, Candace plans a new series for Palo Alto, and Carol organizes a monthly South Bay demo, bringing our number of monthly KFC demos to 6.

We *know* our strong showing of local support for PETA's international campaign against KFC is working because we recently received an important update from PETA.


PETA is asking all activists to suspend KFC demos for the month of March while they negotiate for better care of the animals with KFC. Until we hear more from PETA, we're keeping the demos on the calendar and have flagged them as 'suspended' for March.

So, while we suspend KFC demos for March, that won't stop us from doing the write thing! 8 people attended (despite the rainy weather) at the new Haight location's 1st letter writing party, and 6 more at the new Palo Alto LWP. Please support our newest LWP in Berkeley; Sara is hosting the first one on Tue 3/8.


Great American Meat Out
Meat Out   

This special day for vegetarians to encourage their family, friends and community to "Meat Out" happens only once a year, so we decided to celebrate it all month! We've got 4 special events planned for Meat Out:

3/6 - author Erik Marcus talks about his new book, Meat Market - SF
3/13 - Community Outreach, Pacifica
3/19 - Screening: Emotional World of Farmed Animals, Pacifica
3/20 - Community Outreach, SF

Please make time to join us for these activities. Also, think about sharing the occasion with any non-veg family/friends by inviting them to a meatless meal; dazzle them with your cooking skills or invite them to your favorite veg restaurant. If you don't have a favorite, invite them along as you try a new veg restaurant. Consult the Ultimate Guide if you need a suggestion!


Tammy & BAV Need Your Help!

Planning for events is always a continuous activity for us, and one of our main responsibilities for BAV.

The group has really grown alot in three years, even just the last year. To continue this growth, or even stay where we are, we are looking for some energetic people to help out. We have identified 3 areas that we'd like to fill, with the first being the most important.

  • publicity
  • outreach
  • sfbaveg list admin

We titled the message 'Tammy & BAV need your help' because as an all-volunteer organization, we are really dependant upon our volunteers. We've got some wonderful volunteers running our monthly dinners and advocacy events, and we'd like to get a similar structure going for more administrative tasks like the ones listed above.

Currently, Tammy has been trying to do all 3 roles above (in addition to here other regular activities and full-time corporate job), and probably spends 15-20 hours a week on administrative tasks alone; this excludes time spent at events, as well as the equal number of hours that Chris spends on other administrative tasks.

So if you can step-up, that would be a great help to Bay Area Vegetarians, and the local vegetarian community that we support.

You can read more about each volunteer job here.


Advocacy is Rewarding
Advocacy Reward Program   

Advocacy counts, for the animals and in BAV's Advocacy Rewards Program! We've got a couple new prizes to add to the list -- BayLeaf Cafe $20 Gift Certificate and some cool stuff from PETA.

The ARP runs from Sept 04 to Aug 05. But to celebrate Meat Out month, and all the hard work our volunteer advocates have been doing, we're going to have a mid-season drawing at the end of this month for a couple of relaxing and inspiring prizes:

Community Profile
Community Profile   

Empowered by compassion for the animals, fueled with Avocado Sushi and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, named one of the best Local Activists in the BEST OF VEG 2004 contest, meet Christine Morrissey and learn what she's doing to help the animals...

Read more in our new monthly feature.

Send us your nominations for future interviews.


Veggie Mentor
BAVEG Mentor Program   

Got a question about living veg or need a sympathetic ear for support?

Maybe you need a Veggie Mentor!

Recent topics include: How to deal with a carnivorous spouse?


Recipe of the Month
More Recipes   

Tri Tip Tofu

This Recipe is adapted from Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler, aka Korean BBQ Tofu

Cut into ¼" slices, with a 'triangular' format if you prefer
2 ½ lbs Wildwood firm, Organic tofu (two 20 oz blocks)

Marinate overnight in a mixture of:

1 cup soy sauce
¾ cup organic cane sugar
4 tsp dry mustard
8 cloves fresh organic garlic, crushed or 2 tbsp garlic powder
4 tsp onion powder

Marinade tips: If you like garlic like we do, use lots! It’s strong when marinating, not as potent once cooked. You may want to make more marinade or thin marinade with water so tofu is covered. Flip the tofu while its marinating so both sides are seasoned.

After marinating, oil a baking sheet. Place tofu in single layer on sheet. Spread remaining marinade on tofu pieces. Bake at 400 for 30 to 45 minutes until desired texture is achieved (will become browner and firmer with longer cooking time). Be careful not to overcook or you'll have tofu pleather.

It's excellent on its own, in sandwiches, and any leftovers freeze well.

Future Events

03/04 SF Dinner - Kaleva Add event to your local calendar
03/06 Erik Marcus: MEAT MARKET - SF Add event to your local calendar
03/06 Concert & Indian Dinner - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
03/08 Marin Monthly Outing - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar
03/08 Palo Alto Vegan Dinner - Bay Leaf Cafe Add event to your local calendar
03/08 NEW Berkeley Letter Writing Party - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
03/08 Adopt a College leafletting - Academy of Arts - SF Add event to your local calendar
03/09 SF Dinner - Hulu House Add event to your local calendar
03/12 SF Letter Writing Party - SF Add event to your local calendar
03/13 Great American Meat-Out Outreach - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
03/19 Screening: The Emotional World of Farm Animals - cifica Add event to your local calendar
03/20 Great American Meat-Out - SF Add event to your local calendar
03/20 Oakland Dinner - New World Add event to your local calendar
03/26 Palo Alto Letter Writing Party - BayLeaf Cafe Add event to your local calendar
03/26 Vegan Food Party - Atherton Add event to your local calendar
03/31 SF Monthly Dinner - Shangri-La - SF Add event to your local calendar

04/02 Road Trip! - Guerneville Add event to your local calendar
05/20 Vegan Beach Retreat - Half Moon Bay Add event to your local calendar

Note: The six KFC demos for March have been suspended at the request of PETA. Stay tuned.

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For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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