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Aroma Indian Cuisine  Vegan Friendly 3012 Jefferson Street Napa (707) 927-3347 North Bay
C Casa  Vegan Friendly 610 1st St, #B Napa (707) 226-7700 North Bay
JuJu’s Mediterranean Kitchen  Vegan Friendly 3375 California Way Napa (707) 226-6537 North Bay
Mango on Main  Vegan Friendly 1142 Main St. Napa (707) 253-0888 North Bay
Melted  Vegan Friendly 2 Reviews 966 Pearl St Napa (707) 392-9669 North Bay
MOD Pizza  Vegan Friendly 304 Soscol Napa (707) 346-6758 North Bay
Small World Cafe  Vegan Friendly 1 Reviews 932 Coombs St Napa (707) 224-7743 North Bay
Sweetie Pies  Vegan Friendly 520 Main St. Napa (707) 257-8817 North Bay
Three Twins Ice Cream  Vegan Friendly 610 1st St Napa (707) 257-TWIN North Bay
First Squeeze Cafe  (Closed) Vegetarian Friendly 1126 1st St Napa (707) 224-6762 North Bay
Frati Gelato Cafe  (Closed) Vegan Friendly 670 Main St Napa (707) 265-9265 North Bay
Ubuntu  (Closed) Vegetarian Friendly 3 Reviews 1140 Main Street Napa (707) 251-5656 North Bay
Cream  (Opening Soon) Vegan Friendly 145 Gasser Drive Ste C Napa North Bay

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