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August 2015 News

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We have some wonderful events happening in the next few weeks, including our Vegan Food Party this Saturday hosted by Paul and Kathleen in Vallejo (RSVP), preceded by an author reading of Will Travel for Vegan Food at the Vallejo Bookstore

We are an all-volunteer group, so our activities depend on your leadership and generosity to share. Here's some new activities that are being proposed, so if you're interested in them, please let us know, so we can get them started!

- Knitting Club: Open to new or experienced knitters (being veg is not a requirement). The vegan guideline applies to any food consumed at the meetings and to materials used in projects. We're looking at it being a monthly event, most likely a weekday evening. If you're interested, please reply with your availability preference (weekend or weekday evening, and your knitting experience level). An experienced knitter has volunteered to lead this activity, and more are welcome.

- Restaurant survey project: Let's build a comprehensive guide of where to eat plant-based in Napa and Solano county, and promote compassionate dining. This will including surveying restaurants, educating them on what vegetarianism, and organizing vegan dining out events. If any aspect of this appeals to you, please let me know, as this is a long-term project with significant benefits to hopefully one day having a vegan restaurant in Solano and Napa county!

- Healthy Veg Discussion & Support Group: Attendance at these events fluctuates wildly, and hasn't yet found its niche. If you would like to see this activity continue, it's critical that attendance stabilizes. At minimum, please let Lew know why the date/time may not be working for you so alternatives may be considered. Next meeting: 8/13 [ RSVP/Contact Lew ]

- Dining out: Let's support our only vegetarian restaurant in Solano County, Vaishnu Express Cafe, with a vegan dining event. They have 3 curries on the menu that are already vegan. Based on past experience with group dinners, restaurants are usually open to making special entrees if there is a large enough advance commitment. So if you enjoy dining out and socializing, creating a vegan economy, and meeting like-minded folks, this may be the activity for you. Looking for someone to host this monthly, or bi-monthly.

For myself, I enjoy putting my compassion in action via building our local veg community, and public outreach. Here's a profile that FARMUSA did on my work. Yesterday was a wonderful day at the Vallejo Farmer's Market; over 864 leaflets distributed by Holly, Darren, Todd and myself.

If there's an activity that you're passionate about and would like to lead, please let us know.

For the animals,


June Vegan Food Party

Photos: June Vegan Food Party

Book Club organizers

8/27 Book Club


Stand up for animals
Raise awareness & promote veganism

Standing up for animals

Volunteers needed.
No experience necessary.
Training & materials provided.
See event calendar for dates.

Compassionate Activist Network

Adopt a College

Truth or Drought Lawn Sign

Truth or Drought lawn single-sided lawn sign - $14 each - one available! Contact Tammy.

We know the real culprit for water usage is animal agriculture, which uses at whopping 47% of California water compared to 4% for home use. Now you can tell your neighbors with a "Save Water, Eat Plants" lawn signs.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World

Upcoming Events [add your event to the calendar]

07/21 Lunch: Curry & Conversation - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
07/25 Author Reading: WILL TRAVEL FOR VEGAN FOOD - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
07/25 BAVeg 4th Saturday Vegan Food Party - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
07/25 DxE Solano County Day of Action - Peets Coffee & Tea Vacaville, CA
 Add event to your local calendar

08/08 BAVeg Outreach at Vallejo Farmer Market - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar
08/08 Protest Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar

08/13 Healthy Veg Discussion & Support Group - American Canyon Add event to your local calendar

08/15 Eat, Drink and Be Vegan - Benefit for Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch - Napa Add event to your local calendar

08/15 Sonoma County VegFest - Santa Rosa Add event to your local calendar

08/17 Diablo College Leafleting - Pleasant Hill Add event to your local calendar
08/18 Napa Valley College Leafleting - Napa Add event to your local calendar
08/19 Solano Community College Leafleting - Fairfield Add event to your local calendar

08/22 BAVeg 4th Saturday Vegan Food Party - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar

08/27 Book Club: Breaking the Food Seduction - Vallejo Add event to your local calendar

This book is available in the public library system. BAVeg has one brand new hardcopy available for a $10 donation.

Gallery Link for more photos .. and to see more photos "real-time", check us out on Facebook