The Ultimate Guide to Veg Living in the Bay Area

There is an abundance of places to find plant-based food in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. With almost 90 strictly vegetarian, over 30 vegan restaurants and an incredible array of choices regarding vegetarian products and locally grown produce, the San Francisco Bay Area is (in our opinion) the most veg-friendly region in all of North America.

Random Review

"Assortment of House-Made Pickles: (Watermelon Rind, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes (vegan) $6 Ben's Charred Eggplant: With flatbread, yogurt, zhug (vegan optional) $8 Thrice-Cooked Potatoes: Baked, Smoked, and Fried, with charred scallion aioli (vegan) $9 Exotic-Mushroom Chawan Mushi (Traditional Japanese Egg Custard) $8 Chickpea-Crusted Fried Oyster Mushrooms, Remoulade (vegan) $10 Koji-Marinated Carr"
by Kevin Schuder on Kitchen 388

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Top Restaurants

Merit Vegetarian - Sunnyvale
Flacos - Berkeley
Vegetarian House - San Jose
Garden Fresh - Mountain View
Millennium - San Francisco

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