World Farm Animals Day Fair - 2006

Posters and FlyersOct 1st, San Mateo - 11 am-3 pm


What is World Farm Animals Day?

WORLD FARM ANIMALS DAY is an annual event started by the Farm Animal Reform Movement. It was established to raise awareness of the billions of animals suffering and slaughtered in the world's factory farms. The occasion is observed with events in all 50 states and two dozen other countries.

Every second, 269 chickens are killed in the U.S. for food. That's 23 million chickens every day, or 9 billion every year. Chickens and other animals raised for food aren't just food choices or statistics like "10 billion land animals are killed for food every year in the United States".

Just like the dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals that we welcome into our homes and hearts, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows have thoughts, personalities, preferences,feel pain or experience happiness, and also suffer from intensive confinement, boredom and frustration.

Join us on Sunday, October 1st for a very special day and find out how you can make more compassionate choices to help farm animals. It is especially important that you help us with our educational outreach and bring your non-veg family and friends with you.

Activities include:

o Food Samples (free!)
o Cooking Demonstrations
o Nationally Renown Speakers | Speaker Schedule
o Book Nook
o Childrens Activites
o Do the Write Thing! Pen a short letter to help animals.

Free! For all ages.

Event Location: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA Auditorium, 12 Airport Blvd, San Mateo
Directions: PHS website directions / Google Map

This event is a sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians, Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA , and Animal Place

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Speaker Schedule

Start Time Topic
11:15 -11:45 am

Breakfast: French Toast & Scramble

Cooking Demo with Recipes & Sampling with Chef Alex Bury

12:00 - 12:45 pm

True Life Animal Tales

Animal Place co-founder Kim Sturla shares the real life stories of the rescue & rehabilitation of the critters that call Animal Place home

1:00 - 1:45 pm

Lunch: Rustic Italian Polenta with Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce and Spring Rolls with Thai Peanut Sauce

Cooking Demo with Recipes & Sampling with Chef Alex Bury

2:00 - 2:45 pm

The Power of Your Food Choices

From her undercover investigations, lauren shares the impact of our food choices on animals confined in agricultural animal facilities and what we can each do to help animals


Alex Bury

Alex Bury was trained as a classical chef at the world's premier culinary college, the Culinary Institute of America.  Her career as a chef was already taking off in the mid-nineties, when she became painfully aware of the plight of animals.  In 2001, she opened the famous all-organic Sparks restaurant in Guerneville, California.  Now she works full-time for PETA, and also teaches the art of healthful cooking for Bay Area Vegetarians.  Her column, Heart Smart Cooking: Cooking with Compassion and Good Health, appears in the monthly newsletter for Bay Area Vegetarians.


lauren Ornelas

lauren has been an active voice for animals for over 19 years since high school. After spending four years as National Campaign Coordinator for In Defense of Animals, lauren was asked by Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, UK to start and run Viva!USA in 1999. As the leader of Viva!USA, lauren investigated factory farms and ran consumer campaigns, working with activists nationwide. Some of her accomplishments include persuading Trader Joe’s to stop selling all duck meat, Pier 1 to stop using feathers and was the spark that got the CEO of Whole Foods Market to become a vegan. Her campaigns have been covered in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and other major media outlets.


Kim Sturla

Kim is the Executive Director of Animal Place and co-founded the sanctuary over fifteen years ago. She has been a central figure in protecting animals for 30 plus years. Sturla wrote the first law in the country that protects pre-university students unwilling to participate in animal dissections.



Volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Soliciting vegan food donations to giveaway.
  2. Developing informational/educational displays/activities -- interactive ones geared towards youth welcome.
  3. Organizing volunteers.
  4. Event advertising/promotion.

If you can help, please email Tammy with your name, what you're interested in, and your contact information (email as well as phone number appreciated). Previous experience is not necessary, however a desire to raise awareness of factory farming and promoting veganism is. Looking for reliable, prompt, and enthusiastic volunteers only.


If you are an individual or business interested in supporting this event with a cash or product donation, please contact Tammy with details.

More Info

Speaker Schedule
Donate Product Samples
Posters and Flyers
BAVEG Event Calendar


PHS & SPCA Auditorium,
12 Airport Blvd,
San Mateo


PHS website directions
Google Map

Donors and Food Samples

Thank you to our donors -

Whole Food Market
Trader Joe's
Sunflour Baking Company
Primal Spirit Foods
Turtle Island
Soy Delicious
Garden Burger
The Animals Voice Magazine
Lantern Books


Alex Bury
lauren Ornelas
Kim Sturla

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