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5 out of 5 stars Wow! I've been to Planet Raw probably a dozen times and have only had good experiences. For central Contra Costa County, it's the single ground-breaking restaurant to serve only organic meatless meals, and I've been waiting years for something like this in my hood! Moreover, this restaurant serves food that is sensuous, sumptuous, and truly soul-satisfying. One of my memorable times there was Vita
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0 out of 5 stars What a strange a short visit we had at Planet Raw, but it was most memorable.

Short version: Rude chief/owner pisses of new customers within 60 seconds of entering restaurant.

Long version:

We had a long drive from the San Mateo Coast up to Pleasant Hill, being so far away we had confirmed that morning that they were open ALL day (11am-8pm).

We arrived around 3pm, and as we got out of the car we joked that the place looked closed, but as we approached we could see people inside, so thought we were in luck.

I went inside to see if they were still open, and my wife waited outside and read the menu on the door.

As I entered a tall skinny blond woman, head down and putting on her coat was rushing out. She pushed by as I was asking the staff if they were still open. They explained the chef had left for the day and there was no food to be had, and I noted we'd driven a long way to try their food and was disappointed as we'd come so far.

So I turned around and followed the woman outside. My wife asked, were they open, and I said no - the chef had left for the day.

The woman could have kept on walking and we'd have been none the wiser who she was. BUT she just had to stop and turn and give us a piece of her mind, and how grateful we should be that she's working so hard for us all.

I was gob smacked; I couldn't believe how bitter she was and the tirade coming out of her mouth . All I had said to my wife is that the chef was leaving, nothing more.

She jumped in her car, slammed the door and drove off still steaming as she went. I could see the staff inside looking on, so I went back inside and asked who she was and why she was so mad. They were very apologetic and said she was the owner and was having another "bad day" and it wasn't out of the ordinary.

We never did try the food, and were encouraged to come back some other time - but why would we give such an arrogant b*tch our money.

I really don't understand why some people go into the service business. She obviously has zero respect for her customers and should think about a career change - but I suspect with her business acumen the place will fold very soon.

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0 out of 5 stars Do not recommend. Did not have an opportunity to try food because chef walked out mid-day (as we were arriving). Instead of saying nothing, or apologizing for the inconvenience, she interrupted a private conversation between my husband and myself and spewed a diatribe of her personal problems with running the restaurant. Did not once apologize or acknowledge our inconvenience of not being able to have food. (Uhh, this is a restaurant??) The chef/co-owner just reeked of hostility, and also arrogance. Wait staff is friendly. Chef said to call first next time but how would that help, we live over an hour away, and are not inclined to repeat this horrible experience. tammy
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