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Amarin Thai Cuisine  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 5235 Prospect Rd San Jose (408) 253-8424 South Bay
Black Belt Bakery  Photo Available 1 Reviews 1072 S. DeAnza Blvd. Suite A107-17 San Jose (408) 624-6613 South Bay
Blue Mango  Vegan Friendly 635 Coleman Ave San Jose (408) 885-9222 South Bay
Casa Vicki  Vegetarian Friendly 792 E. Julian San Jose (408) 995-5488 South Bay
Clean Rooter & Plumbing  2305 Cherrystone Dr San Jose (408) 802-9623 South Bay
Di Lac  Vegetarian 8 Reviews 1644 E Capitol Expy San Jose (408) 238-8686 South Bay
Dipti's Kitchen  5392 Southbridge Pl San Jose (408) 440-2626 South Bay
From the Garden  Able to travel though out the Bay Area San Jose (415) 926-0515 South Bay
Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant  Vegan Friendly 2 Reviews 1261 W. San Carlos Street San Jose (408) 295-9546 South Bay
Golden Bamboo   Vegan 3245 S White Rd San Jose (408) 270-8350 South Bay
Good Karma  Vegan 23 Reviews 37 S. 1st Street San Jose (408) 294-2694 South Bay
Happiness Cafe  Vegan 1688 Hostetter Road San Jose (408) 573-8699 South Bay
Hobee's  Vegetarian Friendly Photo Available 680 River Oaks Plaza, Suite P San Jose (408) 232-0190 South Bay
Loving Hut  Vegan 1 Reviews 925 Blossom Hill Road San Jose (408) 229-2795 South Bay
Pho Bac So 1  Vegan Friendly 1092 North First St San Jose (408) 297-1102 South Bay
Royal Greens  Vegetarian 1 Reviews 1071 S De Anza Blvd. San Jose (408) 863-0707 South Bay
Sogo Tofu  Vegetarian 2 Reviews 1610 S De Anza Blvd San Jose (408) 517-8958 South Bay
Thai White Rock Cafe  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 3116 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose (408) 729-4843 South Bay
The Happy Bamboo  Vegan Photo Available 13 Reviews 1711 Branham Lane, Suite A9 San Jose (408) 694-0740 South Bay
Tofoo Com Chay  Vegetarian Photo Available 16 Reviews 388 E Santa Clara St San Jose (408) 286-6335 South Bay
Trader Joe's  5269 Prospect Road San Jose (408) 446-5055 South Bay
Trader Joe's  5353 Almaden Expressway San Jose (408) 927-909 South Bay
Trader Joe's  635 Coleman Ave San Jose (408) 298-9731 South Bay
Vegetarian House  Vegan Photo Available 16 Reviews BAV Award Winner 520 E Santa Clara St San Jose (408) 292-3798 South Bay
Veggie Grill  Vegan 1692 Saratoga Ave #94 San Jose 408 374-4152 South Bay
Veggie Grill  Vegan 1 Reviews 3055 Olin Avenue San Jose (408) 296-6473 South Bay
Yard House Restaurant  Vegetarian Friendly 300 Santana Row San Jose (408) 241-9273 South Bay
Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 1320 Saratoga Ave San Jose (408) 615-8282 South Bay
Cinnaholic  (Opening Soon) Vegan 3 Reviews 115 E. San Carlos St San Jose South Bay

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