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Name Key Address City Phone Area
Core Kitchen  Vegan 499 14th St. #119 Oakland (510) 350-8406 East Bay
Dimond Slice  Vegetarian 2208 MacArthur Blvd Oakland (510) 842-8773 East Bay
Golden Lotus  Vegan Photo Available 20 Reviews 1301 Franklin Oakland (510) 893.0383 East Bay
Millennium  Vegan Photo Available 35 Reviews BAV Award Winner 5912 College Ave Oakland 510.735.9459 East Bay
Nature Vegetarian Restaurant  Vegan 1 Reviews 1116 Franklin St Oakland (510) 238-9688 East Bay
Pepples Donut Farm  Vegan 1 Reviews 6037 San Pablo Ave. Oakland (510) 338-6319 East Bay
Shangri-La Vegan  Vegan 1 Reviews 4001 Linden Street Oakland (510) 547-1842 East Bay
Shangri-La Vegan  Vegan 1 Reviews 4905 Telegraph Ave Oakland (510) 250-9918 East Bay
Souley Vegan  Vegan Photo Available 10 Reviews 301 Broadway Oakland (510) 922-1615 East Bay
The Veg Hub  Vegan 2214 MacArthur Blvd Oakland (510) 454-8722 East Bay
Timeless Coffee  Vegan 4 Reviews 4252 Piedmont Av Oakland (510) 985-1360 East Bay
Two Mammas' Vegan Kitchen  Vegan 1 Reviews 3700 East 12th Street Oakland 510-606-0596 East Bay
Vegan Donut Gelato  Vegan 411 E 18th St Oakland (510) 839-8748 East Bay

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