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Amarin Thai Cuisine  Vegan Friendly 2 Reviews 174 Castro St Mountain View (650) 988-9323 South Bay
Amici's East Coast Pizzeria  Vegan Friendly 790 Castro Street Mountain View (650) 961-6666 South Bay
Bumblebee Health Foods  1 Reviews 601 Escuela Ave Mountain View 650-968-3131 South Bay
Chaat Paradise  Vegetarian 1 Reviews 165 E. El Camino Real Mountain View (650) 965-1111 South Bay
COGNEO  Photo Available 1094 Nilda Ave Mountain View (650) 386-6085 South Bay
Garden Fresh  Vegan Photo Available 3 Reviews 1245 W El Camino Real Mountain View (650) 254-1688 South Bay
Hobee's  Vegetarian Friendly Photo Available 1 Reviews 2312 Central Expressway Mountain View (650) 968-6050 South Bay
Passage To India  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 1991 W El Camino Real Mountain View (650) 969-9990 South Bay
Passage To India  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 1100 W El Camino Real Mountain View (650) 964-5532 South Bay
Sunny Bowl  Vegan Friendly 1 Reviews 1477 Plymouth St Mountain View (650) 625-0361 South Bay
Trader Joe's  1 Reviews 590 Showers Drive Mountain View (650) 917-1013 South Bay
Veg Essentials 101  Mountain View (415) 913-0748 South Bay
Veggie Grill  Vegan 1 Reviews 565 San Antonio Rd Mountain View (650) 559-1535 South Bay
Yam Leaf Bistro  Vegetarian 699 Calderon Ave. Mountain View (650) 940-9533 South Bay

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