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Name Key Address City Phone Area
Azteca  Vegetarian Friendly 3 Reviews 235 Church St San Francisco (415) 255-7330 Castro
Bombay Indian  Vegetarian Friendly 2 Reviews 2217 Market St San Francisco (415) 861-6655 Castro
Buffalo Whole Food & Grain Co  598 Castro St San Francisco (415) 626-7038 Castro
Chow  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 215 Church St. San Francisco (415) 552-2469 Castro
Crepevine  Vegetarian Friendly 216 Church St San Francisco (415) 431-4646 Castro
Dinosaurs  Vegan Friendly 16th Street at Prosper San Francisco Castro
Gelateria Naia  Vegetarian 1 Reviews 451 Castro St San Francisco (415) 864-6670 Castro
Harvest Ranch Market  2285 Market St San Francisco (415) 626-0805 Castro
Ike's  Vegan Friendly 4 Reviews 3506 16th St. San Francisco (415) 726-5292 Castro
Kim Flournoy Website Development  San Francisco (415) 235-2986 Castro
La Mediterranee  Vegetarian Friendly 288 Noe St San Francisco (415) 431-7210 Castro
La Tortilla  Vegetarian Friendly 495 Castro St San Francisco (415) 861-3990 Castro
Nirvana  Vegan Friendly 2 Reviews 544 Castro St. San Francisco (415) 861-2226 Castro
Samovar Tea Lounge  Vegan Friendly 5 Reviews 498 Sanchez St San Francisco (415) 626-4700 Castro
Sparky's  Vegan Friendly 3 Reviews 242 Church St San Francisco (415) 626-8666 Castro
Thailand Restaurant  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 438A Castro St San Francisco (415) 863-6868 Castro

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