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Name Key Address City Phone Area
Beach Burrito  Vegan Friendly Photo Available 2 Reviews 3914 Judah St San Francisco (415) 731-2004 Sunset
Bonnie Knight Piano Studio  26th Avenue San Francisco see email below Sunset
Crepevine  Vegetarian Friendly 1 Reviews 624 Irving St San Francisco (415) 681-5858 Sunset
Judahlicious  Vegetarian Photo Available 9 Reviews 3906 Judah St. San Francisco (415) 665-8423 Sunset
Mango Medley  Vegan Friendly 1 Reviews 3911 Judah St. San Francisco (415) 681-3228 Sunset
Other Avenues  Photo Available 9 Reviews 3930 Judah St San Francisco (415) 661-7475 Sunset
Outerlands  Vegan Friendly 4001 Judah St. San Francisco (415) 661-6140 Sunset
Shangri-La  Vegetarian Photo Available 19 Reviews BAV Award Winner 2026 Irving Street San Francisco (415) 731-2548 Sunset
Sunrise Deli  Vegan Friendly Photo Available 2 Reviews 2115 Irving St San Francisco (415) 664-8210 Sunset
Taravel Produce Market  1 Reviews 1215 Taraval St San Francisco (415) 664-7388 Sunset
The Pizza Place on Noriega  Vegan Friendly 1 Reviews 3901 Noriega St San Francisco (415) 759-5752 Sunset
VegNews Magazine  Photo Available 3 Reviews PO Box 320130 San Francisco (415) 665-NEWS Sunset

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