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Name Key Address City Phone Area
Performing Animal Welfare Society  11435 Simmerhorn Road Galt (209) 745-2606 Other
Animal Place  Photo Available 11 Reviews 17314 McCourtney Road Grass Valley (530) 477-1757 Other
Ella's Cat House & Catnip Bar  1009 Caymus St. Napa (707) 501-0016 North Bay
Rancho Compassion  Nicasio North Bay
Farm Sanctuary  Photo Available 1 Reviews PO Box 1065 Orland (530) 865-4617 Other
Hen Harbor  Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
Goatlandia Sanctuary  2336 Olivet Ln Santa Rosa 707‒541‒ North Bay
BrightHaven  19229 Sonoma Highway Sonoma (707) 578-4800 North Bay
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary  Photo Available 14741 Wing Levee Road Stockton (209) 465-2985 Other
Animal Place's Rescue Ranch  Vacaville (530) 477-1757 Other
PreetiRang Sanctuary  Vacaville Other

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