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RSVP: Erik Marcus: MEAT MARKET - SF - 1665 Haight Street - 03/06/05

Original Event Notes: Erik Marcus is one of America’s leading writers about animal agriculture. He is also the publisher of, a popular website devoted to animal protection and the vegan lifestyle. A highly regarded public speaker, Mr. Marcus lives in the Boston area.

Please join Erik Marcus for this special Bay Area appearance as he talks about his newest book:

Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money

Every generation, a book comes along that reshapes society’s attitudes toward food. Meat Market is such a book, and it offers the most compelling critique of animal agriculture yet set to print. In his talk, Erik Marcus looks at the history of animal agriculture, and charts the decline of its ethical standards. Despite the worsening plight of animals, Erik’s message is hopeful and optimistic. He offers ideas and strategies to combat cruelty that can be embraced by meat-lovers and activists alike. He also shows how easy it is to fill your diet with delicious, healthy, and humanely produced foods.

Please bring your family and friends to learn more about MEAT MARKET. You may purchase copies of MEAT MARKET at this presentation.

Event location: Red Victorian Peace Center B&B, 1665 Haight Street, corner of Cole. SF

Free Admission. Donations welcome/optional to continue the work of Bay Area Vegetarians and the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast Peace Center, where our event is being held.

No need to RSVP. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Public Transit - 1665 Haight St near the #7, #71, #6, #43 Masonic buses. From East Bay Bart connects underground to N-Judah tram, exit Cole and walk 4 blocks.

For Cars - free street parking as it's a Sunday. There is also a paid parking lot four blocks from Red Vic at Stanyan and Beulah.

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