RSVP: Have a Heart, Go Veg PRIDE Leafleting - Day 2 - SF - 06/29/08

Original Event Notes: There are billions of good reasons to promote a plant-based diet, just ask our animal friends at Animal Place, a sanctuary for rescued and abused farmed animals

Last year a team of 3 people (2 leafleting, 1 managing the cart leaflets) distributed over 2,000 Vegetarian Starter Kits (booklets with information on factory farming, vegan recipes/nutrition) in 45 minutes to the Parade quote. We distributed thousands more leaflets throughout the day.

Tthis year we are leafleting only, no tabling. We will have three tabling shifts.

Shift 1 - Pride Parade 9:00 am - 10:15 am

We need additional teams, and we'll cover more of the Pride P*A*R*A*D*E route. This is a widely attended and watched. You'll need to be able to be in SF circa Civic Center area by 9:00 am SHARP. A photographer would be great, too.

Pride P*A*R*A*D*E: The route starts at 10:30 AM at Market and Beale and proceed west on Market to Eighth.

Shift 2 - Leafleting during the event - noon to 2:30

Shift 3 - Leafleting during the event - 2:30 to 5 pm

No previous experience necessary, just a willing attitude & commitment to help animals. Maybe you have a fun costume (or not) to wear.

Starting Location: Pride near the Main Library. Meeting location TBD based on your shift. Will be near Civic Center BART.

RSVP: Please click on my name above to RSVP, please include your cellphone #, your shift preference and for the 1st morning shift, whether you can help with anything or have a preference for leafleting or managing the cart. I will confirm all RSVPs with my cellphone.
-Please indicate "YES" if you are a definite, or a "Maybe" if you are interested but not sure.
-RSVPs are important because we need accurate RSVPs to forecast how much literature to bring.

Please support our outreach & education efforts with a gift of your time -- if you're not into leafleting/outreach, we have other areas where we need help. Thank you!!

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