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Did you know?
Did You Know?   

- Every second, 269 chickens are killed in the United States for food. For the average person, more than 35 animals a year are killed, or 2,600 over a 75 yr lifetime. (Source: Viva!USA)

- The United States pays more for health care than any other country in the world. Yet, according to the American Cancer Society, men have 47% chance of getting cancer; women have a 38% chance. One in 13 Americans has diabetes, which can lead to blindness, limb amputation, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, & premature death. Heart disease kills 1 in 3 Americans. (Source: The China Study)

- "The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global. The findings of this report suggest that it should be a major policy focus when dealing with problems of land degradation, climate change and air pollution, water shortage and water pollution and loss of biodiversity." (Source: United Nations Report)

- "Global production of meat is projected to more than double from 229 million tons in 1999-2001 to 465 million tons in 2050, and that of milk to grow from 580 to 1,043 million ton. The environmental impact per unit of livestock production must be cut by half, just to avoid increasing the level of damage beyond its present level." (Source: United Nations Report)

In summary: eating a whole foods, plant-based diet is the only winning solution for the animals, human health, and the environment.

Reading and learning more about veg*nism and animal rights is one of the benefits of the Food for Thought book club. Next book on 7/1: Free the Animals by Ingrid Newkirk.


Planting the Seeds of Compassion
Planting the Seeds of Compassion   

Get involved in our summer program - some wonderful tabling and leafleting opportunities are happening this summer at SF Pride and the Stern Grove music concerts.

Pride - this is our 5th year at this landmark San Francisco event. Last year, through leafleting alone, we distributed over 3,000 pieces of information. This year, through tabling and leafleting, we will again distribute veg info to plant the seeds of compassion & good health to the hundreds of thousands who attend Pride.

Stern Grove - this free series of music concerts is a perfect opportunity to leaflet. And, for the kick-off event, we will be hosting a special event involving Vegan Food, Huey Lewis & the News, Leafleting -- don't miss it!

Learn how you can help our Summer Outreach -

Summer Outreach


Fed Up with Animal Cruelty?
BAVeg Outreach   

Then join us at one of our regular advocacy events. We need your ongoing support to stand up for animals!

KFC Cruelty protest: Protest cruelty to chickens! Held regularly on the 3rd Sunday in SF or 1st Saturday in San Jose. See event calendar for upcoming schedule.

Andrew, who organizes the SF protest on the 3rd Sunday, reports on last month's event: "We had an unusually great turnout with 10+ people, taking over the intersection and drawing nonstop supportive honks and waves from passing traffic. KFC management was dumbfounded, especially after learning that we are not paid, we volunteer purely out of passion."

Since Bay Area Vegetarians has been protesting cruelty at KFC, in support of PETA's international campaign, restaurants that were targeted in Pacifica, Palo Alto, and SF have closed. Learn more about PETA's campaign

Letter Writing Party: Let businesses and legislators know what's on your mind! Join Sara, Dana, and others who want to make a difference by writing letters at an upcoming letter writing party in the East Bay on Tuesday 5/15 or San Francisco on Sunday 5/20.

This is very important event to attend. Individuals and industry who profit from animal exploitation are not shy about expressing their viewpoint and we need to be just as ready to Stand Up for the animals.

If you'd like to organize a leafleting activity, KFC protest, letter writing party, or other type of advocacy event in your community, please contact us with your ideas. Bay Area Vegetarians is an entirely member-supported organization so it's up to each of us to create the community and compassion that we want to see.


BAVEG Mailing Lists
Mailing Lists   

Bay Area Vegetarians maintains several options for our members to stay informed and active about local veg events & activities. In addition to this monthly newsletter, we also offer:

1) Discussion List "SFBAVEG" - Varying topics from local action alerts to where to buy vegan donuts to faux tuna to vegan shoes, discussions on protein, the link between dairy (casein protein) and cancer, the best vegan cheese, veg restaurant and product reviews, event announcements, etc. List volume averages 30-40 messages a week.

2) Events List "SFBAVEG-EVENTS" - this is a subset of SFBAVEG. The events from SFBAVEG are forwarded to this dedicated announcements-only list. List volume averages 10 message a week.

Both of these lists are hosted on YahooGroups which provides the ability for individual messages, a daily digest, or to read messages online only. You can sign-up via our website at:

3) Forum/Bulletin Board - this is entirely separate from the mailing lists, and allows for threaded discussions by topic. You can choose to receive emails to threads that you are following. Your forum userid can also be used to post reviews in the Ultimate Guide.


Party Vegan!
Vegan Food Parties   

Vegan Food Parties are designed for individuals who enjoy vegan food to gather together to share food and fellowship. This is a perfect opportunity to try a wide variety of foods and to get recipes for dishes that you liked. In fact, we encourage you to 'animal test' new vegan recipes on hungry volunteers.

VFP Details

Joelle, who is a relatively new vegan, is hosting this month's Vegan Food Party. In addition to enjoying vegan food & fellowship, you'll also have the opportunity to play board games. What fun! It's this Sunday, May 20th, held at her home in SF. RSVP for location.

Upcoming Vegan Food Parties include June at Stern Grove, and our annual 4th of July Independence Day celebration of vegan food at Montara State Beach. Looking for volunteers for setup/takedown at Montara SB.

Fall & summer are perfect opportunities to host an outdoor VFP. So if you'd like to see a VFP near you, let us know!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will there be a Vegan Food Party in (my city) or dinner at (my favorite restaurant)?

A: We love this question. Especially when people ask us in person at another BAVeg event. It affirms our vision for BAVeg, to support and connect the local veg*n community.

Really, if you don't see an event in your neighborhood or see the type of activity you're interested in, instead of waiting (perhaps a long time) for someone (else) to read your mind and grant your wish, please realize that you have the power to make it happen!!

Bay Area Vegetarians is an all-volunteer organization. We rely entirely on volunteers who make events & activities happen for the entire community. There are many ways to organize an event. Maybe it's every month or maybe it's once a year. What's important is to giveback to your local community.

Q: Where do I get information on hosting an event?

A: Check out the event guidelines on our website. It provides easy steps to get started.

Feedback from a first-time Vegan Food Party organizer:

"Despite being hesitant and a little apprehensive about hosting an event -- what if no one shows up? -- it was fun and turned out well. People who came to the picnic wanted to have a good time and everyone was very social and the food was good. Tammy and Chris are very supportive of efforts to put on a vegan food event and try to make it low pressure. They even came to Oakland to help out and to enjoy the perfect picnic weather. This was a good experience."

Four years later, Pam continues to host a picnic Vegan Food Party at Lake Temescal. Thank you Pam, and to all of our other wonderful volunteers! Truly, without our volunteers, BAVeg would not exist.


News Bites
News Bites   

New Monthly Dinner!

Collin will be organizing a new dinner on the last Tuesday of every month at Garden Fresh, a top-rated restaurant serving mostly Chinese food in Mountain View. The inaugural dinner is Tuesday, May 29th at 7 pm.

Our host, Collin, settled in the bay area in 1984. He is a long-time vegetarian who is almost always vegan. Collin's interest in hosting is to add to the great roster of forums available for like-minded folks and folks who are interested in becoming veg*n. He believes that with every new vegan, the ecological, moral and spiritual health of our planet will be greatly benefited.

Thank you Collin for making this new monthly event possible! Space is limited, so early RSVPs are recommended.

New Dinner

BAVeg Book Clubs

The 3 BAVeg book clubs all have distinct names now: The Vegan Book Club (general fiction), Food for Thought Book Club (veg/AR books), and Ahimsa Book Club (currently forming). So, if you like to read, and would enjoy book discussions with like-minded folks over vegan food, check out the latest at

New Book Club

Bay Area Vegetarians College Team

The Spring semester is over. During this period, Team Bay Area Vegetarians distributed over 3,400 "Why Vegan" and "Even If You Like Meat" booklets to students at local colleges as part of the Vegan Outreach Adopt a College program. A pretty good start for our new team! Check out the nationwide college totals

Think about adopting a college in the fall and leafleting on a regular basis - even 30 minutes a month is awesome! For example, in 20 minutes, booklets were distributed to 103 people at the Academy of Arts college in San Francisco. We'll be recruiting later this year for the Fall semester.

Food Empowerment Project

lauren Ornelas, founder and director of this new and exciting San Jose-based organization, explains their mission. "The Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one's food choices. We encourage healthy food choices that reflect a more compassionate society by spotlighting the abuse of animals on farms, the depletion of natural resources, unfair working conditions for produce workers, and the unavailability of healthy foods in low-income areas."

Vegan Dining with BAVeg

South Bay: Thanks to Melissa, Candance and Nancy, and now Colin, we have three monthly dinners at Happy Bamboo, Vegetarian House and Garden Fresh, respectively.

North Bay: Alicia has been hosting, in between her international business trips, a regular dinner throughout Marin. And now the dinner has at home, at Marin's only veg restaurant, Cafe Gratitude. Thanks to Christine who has also supported and hosted this dinner.

Bay Area: Tammy & Chris host a monthly Veganauts dinner to explore vegan foods at restaurants throughout the Bay Area. They host regularly in the Fall and Winter. If you'd like to guest host for any month, please let us know.

San Francisco and East Bay: None at this time. See the FAQs above if you can offer a solution to the lack of monthly dinners.


Ultimate Guide Updates
Top Ten Ultimate Guide Restaurants   

Good news for vegetarians - Karma Kitchen opens in Berkeley and Fragrance Land in Sunnyvale. Karma Kitchen is an interesting all-volunteer dinner service on Saturdays only, featuring Nepali/Indian/Tibetan type food. Fragrance Land is a Chinese restaurant, heralded by its first reviewer for its "Impeccable cleanliness, low prices, and consistently good food."

In other business news, the Bay Area has lost 2 vegetarian restaurants; Healthy Heavens in SF closed its doors while Cafe La Vie in Santa Cruz now offers fish.

For regular updates, check out our Guide News Blog

With 1,169 reviews in the Ultimate Guide, these vegetarian restaurants are ranked the best.

Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants

1) Pizza Plaza, Oakland - 4.68
2) Vegetarian House, San Jose - 4.55
3) Cha-Ya, Berkeley - 4.47
4) Garden Fresh, Mtn View - 4.45 up
5) Good Karma, San Jose - 4.38 down
6) Shangri-La, SF - 4.29
7) Tofoo Com Chay, San Jose - 4.29
8) New World Vegetarian, Oakland - 4.24
9) Millennium, SF - 4.22
10) Herbivore, SF - 4.17

Agree or Disagree about the Top Ten? Then say something about it, with an Ultimate Guide review.

How to review a restaurant in the Ultimate Guide


Heart Smart Cooking
Heart Smart Cooking   

Summer house guests? Delight them with this new spin on vanilla ice cream.

Cookbooks or computers?


Event Calendar
Event Calendar   

05/15 Letter Writing Party - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
05/20 Vegan Food Party & Board Games- SF Add event to your local calendar
05/20 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
05/20 Sundaes and Advocacy - SF Add event to your local calendar
05/29 Garden Fresh Dinner (NEW Monthly event) - Mountain View Add event to your local calendar
06/02 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose
Add event to your local calendar

06/05 Lunch, Munch & Mingle - SF Farmer's Market, Ferry Building Add event to your local calendar
06/09 Vegetarian House Dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
06/12 Happy Bamboo dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
06/17 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
06/17 Music-and-Leafleting Vegan Food Party - SF (Stern Grove) Add event to your local calendar
06/17 Outreach at Stern Grove Music Festival - SF Add event to your local calendar
06/17 Sundaes and Advocacy - SF Add event to your local calendar
06/23 SF Pride veg outreach / education - SF Add event to your local calendar
06/23 Vegan Baking Class - Apple Berry Dessert Series - San Francisco Add event to your local calendar
06/24 Vegan Book Club: Behind The Scenes At The Museum - SF Add event to your local calendar
06/24 Outreach at Stern Grove Music Festival - SF Add event to your local calendar

07/01 Outreach at Stern Grove Music Festival - SF Add event to your local calendar
07/01 Leaflet at the Warped Tour - SF Add event to your local calendar
07/01 Food For Thought Book Club: Free the Animals: The Story of the Animal Liberation Front - Emeryville Add event to your local calendar
07/04 Sand-n-Surf Vegan Food Party! - Montara State Beach Add event to your local calendar

Outlook users can use the 'calendar' icon link (calendar icon link)to add this event to their calendar.

For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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