Compassionate Living Presents

Compassionate Living Program   

Effective Communication for Veg*n Advocacy, Family & Friends - Sunday, 8/7, 3-5 pm

Nora Kramer, the featured speaker for this month's Compassionate Living program says, "even if you don't consider yourself an activist, like it or not, in the eyes of every carnivore who knows you and asks you dumb (or not so dumb) questions about veg'ism, you are a veg spokesperson."

So, whether you're a new or aspiring vegetarian or long-time vegan, come learn and share effective communication strategies and styles useful for everyday situations at work, at home, as well as public outreach. Being well-informed and experienced at how to answer common questions helps us become better advocates for animals and vegetarianism/veganism, and just have more comfortable and enjoyable dining experiences with non-veg family and friends. You are also welcome to join us for dinner after the presentation.

Save these dates for rare Bay Area appearances by 2 leaders in the animal protection movement:

Sep 24: Paul Shapiro, founder of Compassion Over Killing and manager of the newly formed Factory Farming campaign for the Humane Society of the United States

Oct 2: lauren Ornelas, director of VIVA!USA, speaking on Campaigning for Farmed Animals


Website Updates - Veg Food Finder
Veg Food Finder   

Ever find yourself in a new neighborhood and not sure where you'll find veg food? Well, now users of can simply enter a starting address and a search radius, and the Veg Food Finder will present a list of restaurant and food store choices, all easily marked on a google map. So let compassion be your landmark and the veg food finder your guide!

This new tool is part of the new redesign just being released. Hundreds of hours have gone into this project and we think it was well worth the effort. What do YOU think?


BAVeg in the SF Chronicle
SF Chronicle   

If you're a regular reader of the SF Chronicle, or even if you're not, check out the August 5th edition. Several BAVeg members were interviewed and photographed for a Chron story scheduled for that Friday's edition of the SF Chronicle.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our plea and turned out for a great show of support for the chickens at the July SF KFC protest. Please keep it up! Our KFC Cruelty protests continue. Our letter writing parties are also good advocacy events for folks, and most happen at restaurants featuring vegan food.


Upcoming Special Events

We've got a great line-up of 20 events this month -- to highlight a few: Bob is planning some special activities for the 2nd Anniversary of his Oakland dinner, our longest running monthly dinner. In starting this dinner, Bob inspired the other restaurant dining events that now happen in Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose, and Marin. Starting this month,
the SF dinner hosted by Tammy and Chris is back, and will head to Zante's for vegan Indian Pizza.

Do you want to connect with other new, aspiring, and struggling vegetarians and vegans in a supportive environment? Want to help build and expand our current Veggie Mentor program? Then come to our Veggie Mentor Support meeting on 8/21. Space is limited and RSVPs are required.

Eat Veg? Meet Veg People? Two Vegan Food Parties this month in Pacifica on Sat 8/6 and Sun 8/21 in Menlo Park. Tracy especially encourages veg families to attend her Pacifica VFP, as she's got 3 kids. She also eats raw, and encourages people to bring their favorite raw OR cooked dish to share. There is also a KFC Cruelty Protest in Pacifica earlier in the day, and the chickens and Tammy would love your support! Signs & leaflets provided. The VFP on 8/21 is our first event ever in Menlo Park.

Side note: Tammy is counting vegan 2 y.o. kids. So far she's up to 3. Is there interest for families in the group for a special VFP for parents & kids?

Bring a friend... and come Be a Veg with Bay Area Vegetarians! Check the event calendar for full details on all events.


Ads on
Advertise with BAV   

When you're browsing our website for events or trying to find vegan pizza in SF, check out the ads that interest you. BAVeg accepts ads directly, and also features google ads. The google ads are driven by the content of our website, and there's been some useful related ads appearing, such as the campaign for cage free eggs at Trader Joe's.

Our advertisers provide a regular source of funding to BAVeg, which allows us to continue to provide free membership, the Ultimate Guide, Veg Food Finder, Compassionate Living Program and other resources for free. If you want ad space on, you'll find more information here


Be A Veg Volunteer and Supporter

BAVeg is an all-volunteer organization -- we have no paid staff, no rent overhead. If you're new to the group and wonder how we can have so many events a month, such an awesome website or so many activities and programs... Well, everything that we accomplish is due solely to the dedication, talents, and kindness of our plant-powered volunteers, as well as generous financial donors.

BUT, as we approach our 4th Anniversary this October, we need Your Support to continue and expand our efforts to create a veg-friendly Bay Area. Please visit our updated volunteers page to see how you can get more involved. Openings include Promotions & Publicity Coordinator, Veggie Mentor Program Manager, and Community Liason.

If you're a Bay Area veg caterer or restaurant interested in getting more exposure for your culinary delights while helping BAVeg, please contact us for upcoming opportunities to showcase your creations. And financial support, both large and small, is always welcome. Bay Area Vegetarians is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


Community Profile
Community Profile   

In earlier profiles, we met local folks active in promoting vegetarianism. This month, meet Caity McCardell, who is creating new vegetarians in her own special way.

Read more about Caity in this month's Community Profile.

Send us your nominations for future interviews.


Recipe of the Month
More Recipes   

Potato Salad

Heidi brought this to our 4th of July Vegan Food Party and it was absolutely delicious. She also suggests adding chopped dill pickles. If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share, please contact us!

Original recipe from Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm

Serves 6-8

8 Cups cooked potatoes
2/3 Cup celery, diced
1/4 Cup fresh parsley, chopped
1/8 Cup scallions, diced
1 Cup sweet red onion, diced
2/3 Cup carrot, grated (optional)
1 tbsp. nutritional yeast
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

Blender Mixture:

2/3 Cup Oil
1/3 Cup apple cider vinegar
1 Cup soft tofu, rinsed and drained
1 tbsp Bragg Liquid Aminos or Tamari
2-3 tbsp mustard
2 tbsp rice syrup
1/2 tbsp garlic powder
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1 tsp dried dill weed
1 tsp herb seasoning like Spike or Vegit

1. Peel and cube potatoes (approx. 4-5 lbs). Boil until soft, but still somewhat firm. Drain and rinse. Chill to harden the potatoes.
2. In a bowl, mix chilled potatoes, celery, parsley, scallions, onion, grated carrot and dill weed. Sprinkle on the nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.
3. In a blender, blend the remaining ingredients, beginning with the oil. Pour this mixture over the potatoes in the bowl. Stir in to cover potatoes completely. Allow to marinate for several hours or overnight before serving.

Event Calendar

08/06 Outreach at Farmer's Market - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
08/06 KFC Cruelty Protest - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
08/06 KFC Cruelty Protest - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
08/06 KFC Cruelty Protest - Santa Cruz Add event to your local calendar
08/06 Raw & Cooked VFP (kids welcome!) - Pacifica Add event to your local calendar
08/07 Effective Communication for Veg*n Advocacy, Family & Friends - SF - Mission Add event to your local calendar
08/07 Letter Writing Party - Santa Cruz Add event to your local calendar
08/07 Dinner after Effective Communications presentation - SF Add event to your local calendar
08/09 Marin Outing - San Rafael Add event to your local calendar
08/09 Peninsula Dinner - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
08/13 South Bay Dinner - San Jose Add event to your local calendar
08/16 Letter Writing Party - Berkeley Add event to your local calendar
08/20 KFC Cruelty Protest - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
08/20 KFC Cruelty Protest - SF Add event to your local calendar
08/20 Vegan Lunch - SF Add event to your local calendar
08/20 Letter Writing Party - SF (Haight) Add event to your local calendar
08/21 Veggie Mentor Support meeting - SF (Civic Center) Add event to your local calendar
08/21 VFP - Menlo Park Add event to your local calendar
08/21 Dinner - Oakland Add event to your local calendar
08/26 KFC Cruelty Protest - Mill Valley Add event to your local calendar
08/26 Indian Pizza & Ice Cream Dinner - SF Add event to your local calendar
08/27 Letter Writing Party - Palo Alto Add event to your local calendar
08/28 McLibel Screening - SF Add event to your local calendar
09/01 Adopt a College leafletting - Academy of Arts College, SF Add event to your local calendar

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For latest news and events for Bay Area Vegetarians, check out the News Blog and Event Calendar. We don't always announce it, but event photos are added periodically to the gallery, too.


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