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August 2020

8/22/20 Sat, 5:00pm - 8:00pm      Host: Jeanne & Doug (RSVP requested)
Vegan Food Party (4th Saturday Monthly)  Vallejo
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You are invited to join BAVeg and friends for our vegan food party!

What is a Vegan Food Party? It's like a potluck, where everyone brings their favorite dish to share. (More info on VFP).

Swim & Hot Tub alert!! If you would like to swim or hot tub after dinner, please bring a swimsuit and towel! The vegan food party starts at 5 pm.

It is a great opportunity to
- bring out your favorite HOMEMADE dish to share or "test" out new recipes on willing volunteers
- rehome a vegan book you no longer need, or perhaps pick one up
- meet old & new friends, and create community with others of a like-mind

Event Time
Please plan to arrive at 5:00 pm for setup as introductions and dining starts promptly at 5:30 pm

IMPORTANT: Please bring your own individual place setting (what you need to eat with) as well as a serving utensil for your dish. We do not provide silverware or plates. Please bring re-usable items, not disposables, to minimize trash. .

Food guidelines:

  • All contributions are entirely plant-based (no animal or insect by-products, such as fish, chicken, dairy, whey, eggs, honey, shellac, casein...)
  • Each person should bring a homemade vegan food that serves 6-8 people; for a couple, you may double your dish or choose to bring two dishes
  • Recipe or at minimum an Ingredient list, with your name, in case people have questions or praise

Location: 848 Wellfleet Drive, Vallejo (Glen Cove)

Your attendance at any Bay Area Veg sponsored event constitutes permission for your photograph to be used for any promotional purposes.

We will be expanding venues and hosting the VFP in other parts of Vallejo, American Canyon and Napa! We are looking for hosts for the fall, please let us know if you can help.

Everyone is welcome. You don't need to be vegan to attend, only your dish needs to be vegan. However, please respect the vegan community and space we are creating and refrain from non-vegan comments, mockery or rudeness - that is simply not welcome and won't be tolerated.

New to vegan food? Have questions or need recommendations for recipes? Want to stay in touch for more information?

Please subscribe to our e-news to assure you get notified, or join the facebook group for up to date info!

Subscribe to enews | FB Group: BAVeg Napa Solano Vegans" | Vegan Dining Campaign FB Page

Our group is open to vegans, aspiring vegans, vegan-curious, etc.

8/24/20 Mon, 7:30am - 11:25am      Host: Tammy (RSVP requested)
Diablo Valley College Leafleting  Pleasant Hill
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