“Bay Area Veg Meadow”

Friday, July 2nd, 2010
"Bay Area Veg Meadow" at Animal Place

"Bay Area Veg Meadow" at Animal Place

Even before facebook started, we’ve been a fan of Animal Place for many years.

With Animal Place’s support, we’ve had an annual tour and picnic for several years at their Vacaville location.  So when we heard they needed to relocate, a few of us got together and organized a fun(d)raiser for them in June 2008.   ( See past blog posts for more info: The Fun(d)Raiser | The Fun(d) Crew )

Our fun(d)raiser provided much needed funds towards expanding to their new Grass Valley location, where they named a meadow for us.  Our meadow is very suitably in the picnic area, because we do love to eat 🙂

Their barm warming is tomorrow, and we’re heading up to check out the new sanctuary and definitely “Bay Area Veg Meadow”!  Email us if you’re also going, maybe we can rendezvous.


Job Opening: Animal Care Manager (Grass Valley, CA)

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

We are posting this at the request of Animal Place. As Kim said in her email to us, “We are moving up to Grass Valley in April, so the new manager will be instrumental in moving the animals and setting up new animal care procedures. It is an exciting time for Animal Place and they will be a part of it all!”

Please contact Kim (info below) directly about this job opening.  Thank you!

Animal Care Manager

Resident, live-in position


Organization description: Animal Place is a sanctuary for farmed animals and education center for the public. It operates two facilities – a permanent sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA and an adoption center in Vacaville, CA. The headquarters is located on 600-acres in Grass Valley, CA. The adoption center, Rescue Ranch, is on 60-acres in Vacaville, CA (90 miles south/west of Grass Valley).

Job Title: Animal Care Manager for Grass Valley sanctuary.

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Rescue Ranch Now Hiring!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Animal Place shared their announcement about Rescue Ranch with us last week, and today we heard they’re hiring too!

Rescue Ranch:

Animal Place is moving from their 60-acre property in Vacaville to a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California.  In an incredible turn of events, an anonymous generous donor provided the funds for Animal Place to retain the 60-acre property. The Vacaville property will be the home of Rescue Ranch, a project of Animal Place. It will serve as a farmed animal adoption center. This new program will permit Animal Place to provide farmed animals with two options: Placement into a new home or permanent sanctuary in Grass Valley. Of course, Animal Place will continue to educate and advocate on behalf of the billions of farmed animals who will never know either a home or a safe haven.

Now Hiring
: Rescue Ranch Manager
Job Description

Responsible for the oversight of Rescue Ranch adoption and placement program, care of the 60-acre property, management of volunteers, interns and possible animal care staff, and communications with farmers and shelters.

For full details about Rescue Ranch and the Rescue Ranch Manager job opening, please visit the Animal Place website

BAVeg Animal Place tour photos

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Photos from our April 11th tour at the Animal Place sanctuary and education center in Vacaville are now available in our photo gallery.  Here’s two of our favorite photographs.  The first shows the green hills and pastures at Animal Place, and the second features Marji, our tour guide and Animal Place education coordinator, telling us the chickens’ stories.  Humans are all queued up and interested in the chickens, and the chickens are all queued up and interested in the human visitors.

Visit our photo gallery for more photos from our 2009 tour.

Beautiful green pastures at Animal Place

Beautiful green pastures at Animal Place

Chickens and Humans, interest on both sides

Chickens and Humans, interest on both sides

Animal Place on the Moooove!

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Sadie says Mooooooooove to Grass ValleyAnimal Place has an exciting opportunity right now — to move from their over-grazed, water scarce 60-acre sanctuary in Vacaville to 590 acres of rolling pastures in the California foothills of Grass Valley.

Room to grow means more rescues, more outreach, more education. The new location also offers better weather and very importantly, water. Mudslides in winter, searing temperatures in summer make life difficult for the animals at the current site. Grass Valley is 10 degrees cooler year-round. With one well dry, Animal Place’s water situation is tenuous, at best. In Grass Valley, pastures are irrigated year-round, ensuring a constant supply of water for the rescued animals.

How much will this cost and how can we help?

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