Giving Thanks

Saturday, November 22nd, 2003

Thanksgiving is a really fun day for us, as we share it vegan-style surrounded by friends and great vegan food. It always reminds us to reflect and give thanks for what we do have. In that spirit, we wanted to take a few minutes to let folks know that we have appreciated their support and participation with BAY AREA VEGETARIANS during 2003. We know the year isn’t over yet, but why should we have to wait until then to say “thank you”.

Thank you to all the folks who have partcipated at our Vegan Food Parties, vegan camping trips, Dining out, and other events (nearly 50 events so far this year!)

Thank you to our wonderful volunteer event organizers who make events happen for the rest of us. A big thank you to our Veggie Important People… These are the folks who have already held delicious Vegan Food Parties for us this year: Lyman, Nicole & Regina, Kim & Jamie, Alex, Caity, Marni, Mary Margaret, Warren, Mike & Joanna, Bill, and Pam… You can see their smiling faces at:

Thank you to everyone who has posted such interesting and thoughtful messages to the SFBAVEG list and bulletin board. A big thanks to Kim, who along with us, does all the behind-the-scenes list admin work to keep SFBAVEG running smoothly, thwarting the spammers, every day..

Thank you to the folks who have helped us table at events like We the Planet, Pride Festival, Doggone Fun Run, Veggie Cook-Off… Thanks to Lori who organized a lecture by Dr. Greger and fundraising dinner for him… Thank you to Bob, the originator and organizer of the savory and successful Monthly Vegan Dinners in Oakland. Thank you to our Thanksgiving event volunteers; this is our first year trying this and we’ve got 5 Thanksgiving Day events being held throughout the Bay Area!

Thanks to everyone who’s voted in the Vegetarian Restaurant Contest, and to our prize donors — Compassionate Cooks, NAVS,, and Wild Bryde Jewelry. ( By the way, there’s still time to vote —

Thank you to everyone who has recommended our group to your old and new veg friends. We have over 1,400 registered members on SFBAVEG, SFBAVEG-EVENTS, and the bulletin board.

And finally, thanks to all the other folks, and other veg and animal rights groups, for being partners in compassion & good health and making our corner of the world a more veggie-friendly place for all of us, and the animals we share it with. We have found our lives enriched by the people and the ideas within our veg and animal rights community, and we hope you have benefitted as well.

Have a veggie good day!

Tammy & Chris
Bay Area Vegetarians co-founders

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