Ordinary People, Extraordinary Compassion

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Q: Why did the activists hand out the leaflets?
A: To raise awareness of factory farming and plant the seeds of a compassionate, healthy and eco-friendly plant-based lifestyle

In the month of January, leafleting at 3 schools and 1 Farmer’s Market, Alyssa, Debbie, Don, and Tammy have distributed 4,251 vegan leaflets. Our outreach continues – 3rd Saturday at the Vallejo Farmer’s Market (monthly), and various dates at Diablo Valley College, Napa Valley College, and Solano Community College.

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Vallejo Times Herald interview – Dec, 2014

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Vallejo Times Herald photograph

American Canyon couple promotes vegan lifestyle

Looking for Support in Healthy Veg Lifestyle?

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

One of the goals of Bay Area Vegetarians is to support and connect the veg*n community, as plant-eaters are still a minority.  Sometimes it can range from irritating to frustrating to daunting or even overwhelming to live in a flesh-eating world, particularly for those who are new to veg*nism or new to the area.  Note: veg*n is shorthand for both vegan and vegetarian

With that in mind, we became an instant supporter of Lew’s idea to start a support group in our area.  (More info about Lew and his interest in this topic below)  We have some ideas about this, and would love to get your input about this, too.

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Leaflets of Change in the SF Bay Area

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Bay Area Veg volunteers continue to help the public turn over a new leaf towards veg*nism by distributing Vegetarian Starter Kits.

Elizabeth, who has been leafleting at the Farmer’s Markets in Palo Alto & Menlo Park, uses Compassion over Killing’s VSK and has reached over 300 people in the last 3 months.  (To join Elizabeth at future leafleting activities, see the BAVeg Event calendar)

BAVeg Volunteers, VSK, SF Ferry Building

Volunteers, VSKs, SF Ferry Building

In San Francisco, the monthly Have-a-Heart, Go Veg Leafleting activity continues with a new location – the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on the Embarcadero.

January was the first outing at the new location.  Kuntal and Mila  joined organizers Alex and Tammy to distribute 300 of PETA’s Vegetarian Starter Kit . Yesterday, Shani, Jason, Sky, Alex and Tammy beat the rain and distributed 500 VSKs.

To join Tammy & Alex at the next Have-a-Heart, Go Veg Leafleting activity, see the BAVeg Event calendar

Thank you to our volunteer leafleters, organizers Alex & Tammy, and to Ann and Anabela who stamp the VSKs to refer readers to and our local events, activities, and vegetarian restaurant guide.

Forum & Email Lists

Monday, September 1st, 2008

BAVeg offers mailing lists as well as a forum for the local vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights community.  In particular, the forum is a wonderful way to have extended and ongoing discussions about serious or fun topics simultaneously, since all discussions stay grouped or threaded by topic.  You also have the option to edit or delete your forum posts at any time.

Your userid is unique to and can be anything you want.  It can be the same as your userid on other systems (like yahoo, gmail, etc) or maybe it’s just your name! Hint: “Tammy” and “Chris” are taken though.  You can also personalize your userid profile with an avatar, and fun facts you want to share with others.

Check out the forum at

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Humane California update

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Here’s an update since we first announced this in the October 2007 BAVeg News:

People in California who are opposed to the cruel treatment of animals on factory farms have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something to improve the lives of millions of animals. Californians for Humane Farms is entering its final days of signature gathering to qualify a historic ballot initiative for the November 2008 election. 90,000 signatures are still needed.

Sponsored by the Humane Society of the US, Farm Sanctuary, and others, the initiative would outlaw gestation crates, battery cages, and veal crates in California, giving 20 million animals on factory farms each year improved conditions. This sounds and is moderate–just giving them these basic improved conditions–but would be a huge improvement and make a significant difference for these animals, especially for egg-laying hens who, if this passes, would be able to lay eggs in nests and to dustbathe (the way chickens keep themselves clean), which are critically important to them.

Getting this initiative on the ballot would also raise a tremendous amount of awareness about factory farming and, as has been shown from similar initiatives in smaller states, continue to build momentum against factory farms that has already led to pledges from pork and veal producers to phase out some of the cruelest confinement systems facing animals on farms.

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Have a Heart, Go Veg!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Our heart-felt thanks to our volunteers who shared the compassion in their heart for animals at our “Have a Heart, Go Veg” Leafleting & Dinner activity on Saturday, Feb 9th, organized by Tammy and Alex. Leafleting with BAVeg is an opportunity to get our veg message out to the public and then celebrate our good work & fellowship over a yummy vegan meal.

We give a big welcome to Melisse, her first-time leafleting, and were happy to see Juan (his 2nd time leafleting), Jordan, and George join us again. Miranda and Jack from Vegan Outreach joined us, too. Jack is the President of Vegan Outreach but Miranda gets top billing because she is an amazing, Amazon leafleter. 🙂

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BayAreaVeg on MySpace

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

Are you a myspace user? Please add us as your friend, and help get the word out about Bay Area Vegetarians!

Here’s our myspace page –


Veg & Vegan, Activists & Non-Activists

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Regarding some recent posts on our SFBAVEG mailing list:

To some it is a limitation, to others it is a wonderful feature, to have a mailing list like SFBAVEG where topics about vegetarianism, animal rights, and advocacy are co-mingled.

In our minds, when we created the list, we wanted to have this sharing of ideas and energy. For the most part, we think it works well. We wanted to comment because we recently received an email from someone who no longer found the list useful, because of all the animal rights content. Yet, at the same time, this individual never or rarely posted, in over two years. Conversely, we’ve also had individuals tell us that there’s too much non-AR email. And we also get people asking us to have events at specific restaurants, or encouraging us to do different projects. Usually these requests are not accompanied by offers to help.

While vegetarians most likely outnumber vegans, and non-activists outnumber activists, it is the vegans and the activists who tend to be more outspoken or passionate about a topic leading to discussions or specific events happening for Bay Area Vegetarians and this mailing list, SFBAVEG.

So, if what’s being discussed or the events that are happening don’t appeal to you, you’re probably not alone. More than likely, someone else is also wanting for someone to start discussing a veg or AR topic that interests them, or plan a specific activity. So be that person – it’s easier than you think, and along the way you will meet some interesting and new friends.

Bay Area Vegetarians is always looking for like-minded volunteers to organize events and activities aligned with our organization’s goals. And, we always invite both individuals and other organizations to post information about their veg/AR events & activities to SFBAVEG. So, either way, whether it’s a BAV event or not, it’s very much appreciated and welcome as a contribution to the rich diversity of veg*n living here in the SF Bay Area.

We will each get out of this organization and community what we put into it: communication, creativity, compassion, and, our personal hope, community.

BAV T-shirts in stock

Thursday, August 5th, 2004

We have some BAV t-shirts (white/short-sleeve) available/in-stock in two designs.

Shirts are $12 each. Normally they are $10.99 each + $4 shipping + tax when you order them from

We got them for tabling, but thought we’d offer them to the list too as we always get questions on where to get them, especially the ‘Go Vegan’ blue cow design.

BAV and Go Vegan T-shirts

If you’re interested, email us… we’re going to some of the events this month and could bring it there.

VIPs — you’re eligible for a $2 discount as a thank you for your support.

More BAV merchandise can be found here at the following link,, including the new golden and silver BAV pin from WildBryde Jewelry.

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