2019 Accomplishments

We are proud of our collective efforts to make our small corner of the world more vegan-friendly. 

And how did we do all this?  With the help of YOU, our wonderful community!

At the risk of forgetting someone, a big thanks to our wonderful volunteers:

Our Vegan Food Party hosts: Asa, Deanna (twice this year), Peggy, Paula, Jeanne & Doug (thrice), Rob & Jessica, Jessica & Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dariece & Dave, and Sara for the beautiful flower arrangements at ThanksLiving

Tabling and food sampling:  Linda

Vegan food sampling outreach:  Chef Paula & Alex from P&A Vegan Catering, with Tammy

Leafleting at colleges and Farmer’s Market: Deanna, Darren, Don, Peggy, with Tammy

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